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Center for Injury Research and Policy

Outreach Core

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In the field of injury control, one of the greatest challenges we continue to face is the widespread dissemination of safety strategies that we know to be effective.

In many instances, we know how to reduce the incidence and severity of injuries; we just need to do a better job of translating this knowledge into effective programs and policies that are sociallyeconomically, and politically acceptable and sustainable.

The Center is committed to the translation of research into practice, and continues to forge new partnerships and collaborations to ensure that this translation occurs. We continue our efforts at training health professionals in the practice of injury control and providing technical assistance to agencies and organizations at the local, state, national and international levels.

Perhaps most importantly, we continue to build on our strengths in dissemination research.

Many Center faculty are involved in translational efforts, both in the U.S. and abroad. We have studies examining innovative dissemination strategies for child safety products, driver policies for seniors around the world, new ways for trauma survivors to connect and recover, a guide to improve neighborhood walkability for children, and statewide case studies of fire prevention, just to name a few. Finally, we have a strong portfolio of community practice projects that bridge the gap between research and practice, integrating and evaluating “best practices” models in the real world.

For a look into prime examples of our outreach efforts, please explore the links below.