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Through its work, the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research & Policy has produced a number of helpful program guides, safety sheets, and other resources to inform the general public and health educators, as well as other public health professionals.

Featured Journal Articles

Unintentional Home Injuries Across the Life Span: Problems and Solutions

"Sharing the science of injury prevention with the wide array of professionals who create home environments and who interact with people in their homes (e.g. architects, home builders, home visiting programs, fire and emergency medical service providers) could be a useful approach. As originally recommended in 2004, we believe there continues to be an urgent need for multiple organizations committing to a collaborative national effort to reduce the burden of home injuries in the United States."
Andrea C. Gielen, Eileen M. McDonald, and Wendy Shields
Annual Reviews

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State Health Department Employees, Policy Advocacy, and Political Campaigns: Protections and Limits Under the Law

"State health department employees are an important part of the public health infrastructure. Based on the review of state policies and laws presented in this article, they have the latitude to engage in policy advocacy and campaign activities in their capacity as private citizens on their own time."
Shannon Frattaroli, Keshia M. Pollack, Jessica L. Young, Jon S. Vernick
The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

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Preventing Fire-Related Occupational Deaths: Residential Sprinklers Save Civilians, Property, and Firefighters

"One solution to reducing firefighter injury and death on the fireground has been available for decades. While advocates of residential sprinkler systems have realized important successes in increasing the use of this technology, rcent challenges to these efforts have stalled progress. If residential sprinkler systems are to contribute to reductions in firefighter injury and death, additional support for efforts to increase the prevalence of residential sprinkler systems are needed..."
Keshia M. Pollack, Shannon Frattaroli, Scott Somers
New Solutions

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Advocacy for booster seat legislation in Florida: a lesson in politics and policy formation

"Effective policy intervention requires a combination of a comprehensive approach, a convincing rationale that includes a solid evidence base, a strong team and, perhaps most importantly, a well-timed strategy. In this case, the organisation of a vocal coalition and evidence-based messages that were effectively communicated proved to be invaluable components for a successful campaign. By building on the strong work of previous years, Florida's Booster Seat Coalition was able to oversee passage of a much-needed update to current legislation. As with all such interventions, a willingness to compromise and build on incremental victories was key."
R. Sterling Haring, Shannon Frattaroli, Eric B. Schneider, M. Becker Holland, Jon S. Vernick
Injury Prevention

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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Major and Minor League Baseball Players

"Mild traumatic brain injury is an important problem in professional baseball players, especially catchers. This study provides a foundation for future inquiry to reduce the incidence of MTBI in those positions at greatest risk and to provide a baseline as rules and equipment evolve."
Gary A. Green, Keshia M. Pollack, John D'Angelo, Mark S. Schickendantz, Roger Caplinger, Kathleen Weber, Alex Valadka, et al
The American Journal of Sports Medicine

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