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Center for Injury Research and Policy

Core Faculty 

Full-time faculty of the School who spend a sizable portion of their effort working on injury-related issues and whose disciplinary expertise well represents the diversity of areas that are important to injury research, policy and practice.  

Kamila Alexander, PhD, MSN/MPH, RN

Assistant Professor

Alexander’s research focuses on prevention of sexual health outcome disparities and the complex roles that structural determinants such as intimate partner violence, societal gender expectations, and limited economic opportunities play in the experience of intimate human relationships.

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Susan Baker, ScD (Hon), MPH ’68

Professor Emerita and Founding Director, Health Policy and Management 

Founding Director. Injury prevention has been the focus of Professor Baker’s research for more than 40 years with areas of special interest including road safety, aviation safety, poisonings, burns and drownings, among others, both unintentional and intentional. She is often recognized as the “mother of injury prevention.”

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Allison Barlow, PhD, MPH ’97

Senior Scientist, International Health
Director, Center for American Indian Health

Barlow’s research focuses on the development of ecologically sound, evidence-based and culturally-relevant interventions to address behavioral and mental health disparities among American Indian populations. Suicide prevention has been a specific focus area for her research. 

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Maria T. Bulzacchelli, PhD ’07

Assistant Research Professor, Health Policy and Management
Director, Undergraduate Program in Public Health Studies

Bulzacchelli is the Director of the Undergraduate Program in Public Health Studies at the Johns Hopkins University. Her research interests are mainly in the area of injury prevention and control and focus on occupational injuries and safety-related behaviors, especially compliance with safety standards and worker behavior in some of the most hazardous industries in the United States.

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Anthony Carlini, MS

Senior Research Associate, Health Policy and Management
Director of Informatics and Project Director, Major Extremity Trauma and Rehabilitation Consortium (METRC)

Carlini's research interests center on the costs and outcomes of injury, both in a clinical setting and at the system level, as well as the administration, organization and policies of trauma and emergency medical services systems. He currently serves as the director for Informatics and Biostatistics at METRC, a group of more than 80 hospitals conducting clinical trials in orthopaedic trauma.

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Renan Castillo, PhD ’08, MS ’97, BA ’93

Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management
Deputy Director, Major Extremity Trauma and Rehabilitation Consortium (METRC)

Castillo’s work in injury prevention focuses on trauma outcomes, pain, orthapedic trauma and health disparities. He is the director of the METRC Coordinating Center.

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Cassandra Kercher Crifasi, PhD ’14, MPH

Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management

Crifasi is an injury epidemiologist focused on policies, procedures and practices that improve safety and prevent injury. Her research interests include occupational injury epidemiology, violence prevention, firearm policies and evaluation of policy on public safety.

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Mitch Doucette, PhD, MS

Assistant Scientist, Health Policy and Management

Doucette uses quantitative and qualitative methodologies to examine the impact of public policy on injury and violence outcomes, including firearm violence and motor vehicle crashes. Much of his work has focused on workplace homicides and injuries.

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Johnathon Ehsani, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management

Ehsani's research interests include motor vehicle policies, road safety interventions, teenage drivers and technological innovation for injury prevention.

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Shannon Frattaroli, PhD ’99, MPH ’94

Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management

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Carolyn Cumpsty Fowler, PhD, MPH 

Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management
Director, Center for the Practice of Collaborative Leadership at the Johns Hopkins University Hospital

Fowler has conducted research into traumatic brain injury in children, child pedestrian injury, psychosocial outcomes from bicycle-related head injury in children, recreational injury, penetrating eye injury and outcomes from maxillo-facial injury, as well as design and evaluation of community efforts to reduce sleep-related infant deaths. She has been faculty director for the Johns Hopkins Summer Institute "Principles and Practice of Injury Prevention" since 1999.

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Andrea C. Gielen, ScD ’89, ScM ’79

Professor, Former Director, Health, Behavior and Society

Andrea Gielen’s research interests are in the development and evaluation of community- and clinic-based programs that address injury prevention, primarily among low-income families in urban areas. Her areas of special focus include the application of behavioral sciences to childhood injury control and domestic violence and sexual assault prevention programs. Gielen has served as director of the Center since 2005. Gielen received the 2013 Award for Excellence from the American Public Health Association (APHA). In 2012, she received a Research Laureate from the American Academy of Health Behavior and was named one of “20 for 20” Distinguished Leaders in Injury Prevention by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.   

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Renee M. Johnson, PhD, MPH

Associate Professor, Mental Health Director, Drug Dependence Epidemiology Training Program

Johnson has expertise in injury prevention, including firearm injury, unintentional home injury, youth violence, dating violence and suicide. Her research addresses the health of adolescents and emerging adults, with a focus on substance use and violence. She is particularly interested in vulnerable youth, including low-income urban youth, LGBT youth, immigrants and those exposed to trauma and violence. 

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Vanya Jones, PhD ’06, MPH

Associate Professor and Director of Outreach, Health, Behavior and Society

Jones’ research explores psychosocial and environmental factors related to injury in vulnerable populations including children, adolescents and older adults. She designs interventions to reduce the burden of injury on high-risk populations. 

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Anne F. Kenney, MPH

Senior Research Associate, International Health Center for American Indian Health

Kenney coordinates the Whiteriver Family Spirit Project, a home visiting program to promote parent education and life skills among teen-formed American Indian families. She also manages the Unintentional Injury Needs Assessment on the White Mountain Apache Reservation.

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Elizabeth J. Letourneau, PhD

Professor, Mental Health
Director, Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Letourneau’s research interests intersect around the prevention of child sexual abuse victimization and perpetration. These areas include the evaluation of sex offender public policy effects, the development and evaluation of assessment instruments and clinical interventions addressing youth and adult sex offending behaviors, and the development and evaluation of interventions addressing youth sexual risk behaviors. 

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Ellen MacKenzie, PhD ’79, MSc ’75

Dean, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Professor, Health Policy and Management
Founding Director, Major Extremity Trauma and Rehabilitation Consortium (METRC) 

MacKenzie’s research focuses on the impact of health services and policies on the short- and long-term consequences of traumatic injury, with a special emphasis on orthopaedic injury outcomes. She has contributed to the development and evaluation of tools for measuring both the severity and outcome of injuries. MacKenzie is the founding director of METRC and is a former director of the Center.

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Alex McCourt, JD, PhD, MPH

Assistant Scientist, Department of Health Policy and Management 

McCourt is a public health lawyer who combines legal research with quantitative methods to study instances in which law plays a role in shaping the public’s health. His research interests include violence prevention, firearm policy, opioid policy, and road safety.

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Eileen McDonald, MS

Senior Scientist, Health, Behavior and Society
Program Director, Children’s Safety Centers
Associate Director for Translation

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Emma Beth McGinty, PhD ’13, MS

Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management
Deputy Director, Center for Mental Health and Addiction Policy Research

McGinty’s research focuses on policy issues at the intersection of substance use and injury prevention, including opioid use disorders, stigma and addiction. 

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Jeff Michael, EdD

Distinguished Scholar and Leon S. Robertson Faculty Development Chair in Injury Prevention, Health Policy and Management

Dr. Michael is an accomplished national and international leader with demonstrated leadership in analysis, development and implementation of programs to improve road safety -- both in the United States and in other nations.

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Elise Omaki, MHS ’11

Research Associate, Health Policy and Management
Research and Practice Development Specialist

Elise Omaki focuses on studying unintentional injury prevention using epidemiologic methods. Her research interests include understanding the role of policies and programs in preventing injury, especially among children and other vulnerable populations.

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Keshia Pollack Porter, PhD ’06, MPH

Associate Dean for Faculty
Professor, Health Policy and Management
Director, Institute for Health and Social Policy
Director, Occupational Injury Training Program

Director of Research 

Porter’s research interests include injury epidemiology, health impact assessment, and mixed methods to advance policies that create safe and healthy environments where people live, work, play, and travel. Her focus is on identifying policy solutions to prevent injuries related to work, obesity, sports and recreation, physical activity, transportation, and the built environment, address social determinants of health, reduce disparities, and advance health equity.

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Leticia Ryan, MD, MPH

Director of Research, Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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Wendy Shields, PhD, MPH ’96

Associate Scientist, Health Policy and Management
Associate Director for Administration 

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Katherine Clegg Smith, PhD, MA

Professor, Health, Behavior and Society

Smith studies the social determinants of health behavior using qualitative methods. Her particular areas of expertise are the communication of health and safety information, media studies and the lived experience of health conditions. Most recently, she was part of a team who created a culturally tailored video promoting bike helmet use for urban youth.

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Sarah Szanton, PhD ’07, CRNP

Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

Szanton’s program of research and implementation is in reducing falls and mobility difficulties among low-income older adults. 

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Stephen Teret, JD, MPH ’79

Professor Emeritus and Former Director, Health Policy and Management

Teret’s research has been in motor vehicle-related injuries, drowning, firearm-related injuries, toy-related injuries, injuries to the elderly and how the law can reduce the incidence of injuries. Prof. Teret is a former director of the Center.

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Jon Vernick, JD, MPH ’94

Professor, Health Policy and Management
Co-Director, Center for Law and the Public’s Health
Director of Training and Education

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Daniel Webster, ScD ’91, MPH

Bloomberg Professor of American Health
Professor, Health Policy and Management
Director, Center for Gun Policy Research

Webster’s expertise is in firearm policy and the prevention of youth violence and intimate partner violence. Policy evaluation research is an area of special focus for Webster. 

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Stephen T. Wegener, PhD

Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management 
Professor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Wegener’s research focuses on the application of theory to programs that improve function and reduce disability for persons with chronic illness and impairments, especially those caused by trauma. 

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Holly Wilcox, PhD ’03, MA

Associate Professor, Mental Health 

Wilcox is an expert in psychiatric epidemiology whose work concentrates on suicide prevention. Her research focuses on conducting evidence-based and sustainable community-based universal suicide prevention strategies, intervention trials and translational research to disseminate interventions.

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