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Community Partners

Do you want to promote health equity in your community? If so, please join us! Since 2010, we have been meeting as a group of people promoting healthy communities free of health disparities.

Joining the Community Advisory Board (CAB) offers our members a chance to meet others who care about making our communities healthier, such as policy makers, community members, scientists, and researchers. Members learn about different diseases people live with every day and discuss research and educational projects that improve the health of the community, as well as how to engage policy makers in addressing the problems of communities experiencing health inequities.

The CAB guides the activities of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity, helping to make sure that the Center stays true to its vision. We meet four times a year, each meeting lasting for two hours. As a thank-you from the Center, members receive compensation for their participation. To become a community partner, call us at 410-614-2412, or send us an email at