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About the Center


The mission of the Johns Hopkins Center to Eliminate Cardiovascular Health Disparities is to promote equity in health for at-risk populations through:

  • advancing scientific knowledge
  • training scholars
  • partnering with communities
  • promoting sustainable changes in practice and policy,  and
  • raising public awareness of health inequities

Goals of the Center:

  • Collaborating with a community advisory board to guide the Center’s research and educational programs
  • Conducting research to test programs to improve management and outcomes of hypertension
  • Offering training to the next generation of researchers in cardiovascular disparities
  • Providing educational resources to assure that the results of research are used to benefit the community, and
  • Working with government officials to develop policies to reduce health disparities, long-term



L-R:  Pete Miller, Kit Carson, Rev. Debra Hickman, Lisa Cooper, Ebony Boulware and Sherita Golden



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