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Project: LIVE!

African American suffer disproportionately from many health conditions.  We refer to this phenomenon as health disparities.  We developed Project: LIVE! to increase awareness of health disparities amongst people of all ages and racial/ethnic groups.  However, there are few opportunies to reach young African-American adults with positive health messages.  Project: LIVE! was developed to reach this segment of the population. 


Track List:

1. LIVE! Intro                                9. Balancing the Budget

2. A Sex Poem                              10. Confessions of a Drug Fiend

3. Five Years ‘til Life                      11. LIVE! Interlude 2

4. Try Again                                 12. The Storm

5. Pyromaniax                               13. Who Made This World?

6. LIVE! Interlude 1                        14. The Late Show

7. Angels in Hell                             15. Good News!!

8. Hunger                                     16. One Day