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Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions

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Scholars who have worked with HCHDS:

Past Scholars Affiliated with HCHDS:

  • Roberta Downing, PhD - Kellogg CHSP Scholar: Dr. Downing completed her doctoral training in social psychology with a parenthetical notation in women’s studies at the University of California at Santa Cruz. Her research focuses on economic justice and health. Specifically, her work investigates racist and classist discrimination in health care; issues surrounding women’s reproduction including attitudes towards single motherhood and low-income women’s childbearing; healthcare policy, and attitudes toward universal health care. She has also published on topics such as affirmative action, mentoring, and adolescent health.
  • Roland J. Thorpe, Jr., PhD - National Institute on Aging Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr. Thorpe is a graduate of Florida A&M University and received his doctorate from Purdue University. His research focuses on identifying potentially malleable social and environmental factors important to understanding racial disparities in function and health status.
  • Shani Harris Peterson, PhD - Kellogg CHSP Scholar: Dr. Peterson is a graduate of Spelman University and received her doctorate from Duke University. Her research interests focus around adolescent female sexual risk factors and health communication and the media. She has an avid interests in filmmaking and its role in health communication.
  • Duane Thomas, PhD - Kellogg CHSP Scholar: Dr. Thomas is a graduate of Virginia State University and received his doctorate from Pennsylvania State University. Although trained as a general scientist-practitioner, he has been developing specialization in four areas: violence prevention, community-based participatory research, school consultation and the identification of risk and protective factors for urban African American children and youth.
  • Sharon Smith, PhD - UHI Fellow: Dr. Smith holds degrees from North Carolina State University, North Carolina Central University and a doctorate in Epidemiology from University of South Carolina. Her research interests include diabetes, obesity and hypertension.