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Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions

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Health Disparities Solutions Pilot Program

The overall goal of Investigator Development Core (IDC) is to create a more diverse biomedical workforce by building the capacity of a cadre of new investigators who are committed to investigating how place-based determinants impact minority health and health disparities. This goal will be largely achieved via a competitive application process to identify postdoctoral trainees, junior faculty, and other early stage investigators that will be called Health Disparities Scholars. These Scholars will be equipped with the skills to develop and implement cutting edge pilot studies, with support of the Research Methods Support Team in the Administrative Core, and translate and disseminate the findings to research, policy, and practice audiences with support from the Community Engagement and Dissemination Core.

In addition to funding and methodological support, Health Disparities Scholars will also be provided with access to a career development program, training and mentoring, and oversight of the pilot projects to completion. The IDC will leverage other innovative Center programs that build on over 10 years of expertise and leadership in the field through the “Certificate in Health Disparities and Health Inequality”; journal club for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students; and a lecture series that is open to the public and the campus community.  The key outcome of the IDC is to create a community of scholars committed to the study of place-based determinants who are able to successfully obtain external research funding and advance the field.

Specific Aims:

1. Solicit and award pilot studies that advance the understanding of place-based determinants of minority health and health disparities from postdoctoral fellows, junior faculty and ESI at JHU.

2.  Support development of well-designed and informative pilot studies, by providing intellectual leadership that articulates the scientific vision, goals, and priorities of the HCHDS, and ensures optimal study design and utilization of the extensive research resources offered by the other cores. 

3. Provide and conduct longitudinal mentorship and oversight, from conception to translation, for Health Disparities Scholars whose pilot proposals are supported by the HCHDS. This includes content and career mentorship, assistance in helping the awardee understand how the project fits into the overall theme of place-based determinants of health disparities and minority health research, facilitating successful, timely completion of projects, and guiding the awardee in pursuing further independent funding of HCHDS supported research.

4. Guide the translation and dissemination of pilot study results into a deeper understanding of the place-based determinants, or into health promotion or clinical interventions and policies to achieve health equity through fostering interdisciplinary communication and collaboration between investigators and the research end-users.

5. Expand the research environment and network of investigators focused on place-based determinants of health disparities or minority health research by highlighting the scientific progress of the pilot and HCHDS research projects to the attention of the broader JHU community of scholars, and nationally to foster collaborations. 

Funded by the NIMHD 

Grant Number U54MD000214-6865


IDC Pilot Program Award Scholars

2019 - 2020


2018 - 2019


2017 - 2018