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Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions

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Jagriti Bhattarai, Ph.D., MS


Assistant Professor

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Jagriti Bhattarai, received the 2018-2019 Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions Pilot Project Award for her proposal titled, “Place, Race, and Healthcare System: A Pathway toward Patient Engagement in MS”

The Pilot Project Program supports new and early stage investigators (ESI) with projects related to place-based determinants of health disparities and minority health.

Dr. Bhattarai’s longstanding research interest in racially disparate patterns of chronic health conditions among minorities and whites has led her to her current position as an MS fellow building a research program in racial health disparities in the MS population. She is looking forward to working with the faculty in the HCHDS – including Dr. Pollack Porter with whom she has already developed a strong mentorship relationship - to enhance her skills in this line of research and investigate a very important and timely place-based health disparities research topic.

Specifically, Dr. Bhattarai will be examining how improvements in health literacy and patient-provider communication (PPC) can bolster patient engagement in medical care for MS among African Americans/blacks with MS from low- and high-income neighborhoods. To better understand how demographic, healthcare, and societal factors impact patient engagement in MS care, she will examine the degree to which health literacy and PPC mediate the relationship between neighborhood and race with patient engagement. The training she will receive through the HCHDS Pilot Award will provide Dr. Bhattarai with the necessary mentorship, networking/ learning opportunities, and practical research experiences to succeed as an independent researcher working to reduce place- and race-based health disparities in individuals with MS.

Dr. Bhattarai is a second-year postdoctoral fellow in the Division for Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology within the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She is a research and clinical fellow receiving specialized training in multiple sclerosis (MS) in the Multiple Sclerosis Lab (Co-PIs: Drs. Beier and Hughes). She collaborates closely with her mentors and other individuals in the Johns Hopkins Precision Medicine Center for Excellence in MS as well as the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity. Dr. Bhattarai received her PhD and MS in Psychology from the University of Kansas.

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