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Research In Health Disparities

Development of a Faith-Based Intervention in Dementia Caregiving

The National Institute of Minority Health Disparities, Administrative Supplement Award

By Dr. Danetta Sloan


This study will partner with the Black church, (church leaders and members), and community stakeholders to facilitate the adoption of a dementia education program for dementia caregivers, those diagnosed with mild dementia, and their families. We will work with the church health ministry to increase dementia health literacy, awareness of protective factors and known risks of dementia, and include information to help navigate resources for those currently affected by dementia in the church and surrounding community.

Specific Aims:

Aim 1: Adapt current dementia caregiver educational materials and resources from USAgainstAlzheimer’s organization (US2A) to use within church health/ wellness, nurse ministries where applicable

Aim 2: Component test and refine the adapted dementia education intervention, and explore potential effects on dementia knowledge gained i.e., dementia, advance care planning, treatment, risk behaviors, and satisfaction with the educational program.