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Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions

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Research In Health Disparities

Selected HCHDS Publications - 2013

Dinwiddie, G.Y., Gaskin, D.J., Chan, K., McCleary, R. & Norrington, J. (2013).   Residential Segregation, Geographic Proximity and Type of Services Used: Evidence for Disparities in Mental Health.  Social Science and Medicine, 80: 67-75.  (Available on-line first December 11, 2012).

Lee SH, Hoffman V, Bleich S, Gittelsohn J. Frequency of visiting and food dollars spent at carry-outs among low-income urban African-American adults. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition 2013; 7(4):459-467.

Thorpe RJ Jr, Bowie JV, Wilson-Frederick SM, Coa KI, LaVeist TA. “Association Between Race, Place, and Preventive Health Screenings Among Men: Findings From the Exploring Health Disparities in Integrated Communities      Study.” Am Mens Health.  2013, 7(3) 220-227

Thorpe, R.J., Szanton, S.L., Bell, C.N., Whitfield, K.E. (2013)  Education, Income and Disability in African-Americans. Ethnicity and Disease.  23(1); 12-17

Szanton, S.L., Taylor, H.A., Terhaar, M.T. (2013) "Development of an IRB pre-approval process for DNP students:  process and outcomes" Journal of Nursing Education Jan;52(1)51-5.

Yong R, Lee SH, Freishtat H, Bleich SN, Gittelsohn J (2013).  Availability of Healthy Foods in Prepared Food Sources in Urban Public Markets. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition. 7:468-481.

Thorpe RJ, Richard P, LaVeist TA, Bowie J, Gaskin DJ. “Economic Burden of Men’s Health Disparities in the United States” International Journal of Men’s Health 2013; 12(3).

Spencer CS, Gaskin DJ, Roberts ET. Disparities in the Quality of Hospital Care: Does Who Pays Matter? Health Aff (Milwood), 2013;32(10):1730-1739.

Bower K. M., Thorpe R. J., Rohde C., & Gaskin D. J. (2013). The intersection of neighborhood racial segregation, poverty, and urbanicity and its Impact on food store availability in the United States.  Preventive Medicine, 58, 33-39. 

Gaskin D. J., Thorpe R. J., Galarraga J. E., Bower K. M., & Gary-Webb T. L.  (2013). Disparities in diabetes – The nexus of race, poverty and place.  American Journal of Public Health, 104(11), 2147-2155.

 Bower K. M., Thorpe R. J., & LaVeist T. A.  (2013). Perceived racial discrimination and mental health in low-income urban-dwelling whites. International Journal of Health Service, 43(2), 267-280.

Ofonedu ME, Percy WH, Harris-Britt A, Belcher HME. Depression in inner city African American youth: A phenomenological study.  Journal of Child and Family Studies 2013; 22: 96-106. doi: 10.1007/s10826-012-9583-3 [OR]

Briggs EC, Fairbank JA, Greeson JKP, Steinberg AM, Amaya-Jackson LM, Ostrowski SA, Gerrity ET, Elmore DL, Layne CM, Belcher HME, Pynoos RS. Links between child and adolescent trauma exposure and service use histories in a national clinic-referred sample.  Psychological Trauma 2013; 5:101-109. doi: 10.1037/a0027312 [OR]

Whitaker D, Milam AJ, Graham CM, Cooley-Strickland M, Belcher HM, Furr-Holden CD. Neighborhood environment and being overweight in childhood: A study of predominantly African American urban schoolchildren.  American Journal of Health Promotion 2013; 27:410-6. doi: 10.4278/ajhp.100827-QUAN-285[OR]

Hart S, Hodgkinson S, Belcher HME, Hyman C, Strickland M. Somatic Complaints, Peer and School Stress, Family and Community Violence Exposure, and Physical Illness among Urban Elementary School Children. Journal of Behavioral Medicine 2013; 36:454-465. doi: 10.1007/s10865-012-9440-2 Corresponding author Belcher HME [OR]