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Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions

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Research In Health Disparities

Selected HCHDS Publications - 2012

Bhatnagar P, Lu X, Evans MK, LaVeist TA, Zonderman AB, Carter DL, Arking DE, Fletcher CA. “Genetic Variants in Platelet Factor 4 Modulate Inflammatory and Platelet Activation Biomarkers.” Circ Cardiovasc Genet. 2012 Jul 4.

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Chan, K., Gaskin, D.J., Dinwiddie, G.Y. & McCleary, R.  (2012).  Do Diabetic Patients Living in Racially Segregated Neighborhoods Experience Different Access and Quality of Care? Medical Care, 50(8): 692-699.

Fesahazion RG, Thorpe Jr. RJ, Bell CN, LaVeist TA. ”Disparities in alcohol use: Does race matter as much as place?” Preventive Medicine Volume 55, Issue 5, November 2012, Pages 482–484

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Gaskin, D.J., Dinwiddie, G.Y., Chan, K.  & McCleary, R.  (2012).  Residential Segregation and the Use of Health Care Services.  Medical Care Research and Review, 69(2):158 - 175. 

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Lim, J.H., Ko, J.G., Fisher, L., Zhan, A., Gitlin, L.N. Szanton, S.L., Terzis, A. (2012) A closed-loop approach for improving the wellness of low-income elders at home using game consoles.   IEEE Communication.  50(1) 44-51.

Milam, A. J., Furr-Holden, C. D., Whitaker, D., Smart, M., Leaf, P., & Cooley-Strickland, M. (2012). Neighborhood environment and internalizing problems in african american children. Community Mental Health Journal, 48(1): 39-44. Epub 2011 Jan 14. PMCID: PMC3226893 [Available on 2013/2/1]

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Nicklett, E.J., Szanton, S.L., Sun, K., Ferrucci, L. Fried, L.P., Guralnik, J.M., Semba, R.D. (2012)  Diet quality and social support: Factors associated with serum carotenoid concentrations among older disabled women (The Women's Health and Aging Study).  Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging.16(6); 511-8.

Palta, P., Page, G., Piferi, R.L., Gill, J.M., Hayat, M., Connolly, A.B., Szanton, S.L.  (2012) Evaluation of a mindfulness-based stress reduction program to decrease blood pressure in low-income African-American older adults.  Journal of Urban Health. Epub ahead of print

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Shields, W., Szanton, S.L.,  Stepnitz, E., Perry, E. Bishai, D., Gielen, A.(2012)  Knowledge and Injury Prevention Practices in Homes of Older Adults.  Geriatric Nursing epub ahead of print

Wenzel, J.M., Jones, R.A., Klimmek, R. Szanton, S.L., Krum, S. (2012). Exploring the Role of Community Health Workers in Providing Cancer Navigation for Older African American Adults. Oncology Nursing Forum. 39 (3) E 288-98. 

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