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Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions

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Research In Health Disparities

Selected HCHDS Publications - 2008


Bowie, J. V., Wells, A. M., Juon, H. S., Sydnor, K. D., & Rodriguez, E. M. (2008). How old are african american women when they receive their first mammogram? results from a churchbased study. Journal of Community Health, 33(4), 183-191. 

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LaVeist, T. A., Relosa, R., & Sawaya, N. (2008). The COA360: A tool for assessing the cultural competency of healthcare organizations. Journal of Healthcare Management / American College of Healthcare Executives, 53(4), 257-66; discussion 266-7. 

LaVeist T, Thorpe R Jr, Bowen-Reid T, Jackson J, Gary T, Gaskin D, Browne D. Exploring health disparities in integrated communities: overview of the EHDIC study. Journal of Urban Health. 2008 Jan;85(1):11-21.

Mitchell, J. M., & Gaskin, D. J. (2008). Receipt of preventive dental care among special-needs children enrolled in medicaid: A crisis in need of attention. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 33(5), 883-905. 

Mitchell, J. M., Gaskin, D. J., & Kozma, C. (2008). Health supervision visits among SSI-eligible children in the D.C. medicaid program: A comparison of enrollees in fee-for-service and partially capitated managed care. Inquiry : A Journal of Medical Care Organization, Provision and Financing, 45(2), 198-214. 

Nguyen, G. C., Laveist, T. A., Segev, D. L., & Thuluvath, P. J. (2008). Race is a predictor of in hospital mortality after cholecystectomy, especially in those with portal hypertension. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology : The Official Clinical Practice Journal of the American Gastroenterological Association, 6(10), 1146-1154. 

Nguyen, G. C., Tuskey, A., Bayless, T. M., LaVeist, T. A., & Brant, S. R. (2008). Community based health preferences for proctocolectomy: A race comparison. Digestive Diseases and Sciences, 53(3), 741-746. 

Nuru-jeter, A., Williams, C. T., & LaVeist, T. A. (2008). A methodological note on modeling the effects of race: The case of psychological distress. Stress and Health, 24(5), 337-350. 
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Street, R. L.,Jr, O'Malley, K. J., Cooper, L. A., & Haidet, P. (2008). Understanding concordance in patient-physician relationships: Personal and ethnic dimensions of shared identity. Annals of Family Medicine, 6(3), 198-205. PMCID: PMC2384992