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Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions

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Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions Projects

The Culture-Quality-Collaborative (CQC)

Project Overview

We seek the participation of hospitals that are interested in contributing to the development of solutions to address disparities in health care associated the increasing diversity of the population. By the middle of the twenty-first century, non-Hispanic whites will comprise a numerical minority of the population. The U.S. will be a minority-majority. Challenges presented by cross-cultural interactions within health care settings include possibly reduced quality of care, and worsening patient outcomes resulting from language barriers and different patterns of illness behavior among people who are unaccustomed to navigating the complex U.S. health care system. Additionally, poor management of an increasingly culturally diverse patient population may have negative implications fiscally and may even expose healthcare organizations to litigation risks. Health care researchers have devoted considerable attention to the health care management challenges caused by dramatic increases in the size of populations that are currently underserved. But, perhaps surprisingly, there are few empirically proven approaches.


The Cultural Quality Collaborative (CQC) is a a network of leading healthcare organizations that is working in conjunction with the Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions faculty. In order to access the members-only section, your organization must be a member of the CQC.

CQC member organizations participate in webinars and have access to the members-only section of the CQC website. The webinars provide members with the opportunity to learn, network and share experiences as they develop and deploy the various interventions. Each webinar features an expert on cultural competency who presents on a topic about which the CQC members have expressed an interesting in learning. In addition, a brief case study of a success or challenge associated with the topic is presented by one of the CQC members.

Prior to developing and deploying interventions, each of the CQC members completes the COA360 for several units or departments within their respective healthcare organizations. These assessments will establish a baseline of performance. Following the implementation of interventions, the same units or departments will be reassessed to determine the effectiveness of the intervention. Once the effectiveness of the interventions has been determined, the interventions will be included in an online interventions database.


For additional information on the CQC or how to become a member, please contact Cheri Wilson, MA, MHS, CPHQ, the CQC Program Director at: or 443-287-0305 or visit