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Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions

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November 2014 Events and Conferences

Institute of Medicine

  • Health Literacy: Past, Present, Future
    • Novmerber 6, 2014
      • IOM will hold a workshop that examines progress made in the field of health literacy in the past 10 years, the current state of the field, and the future of health literacy at the local, national, and international level.
    • Washington, DC

Boston University Medical Campus

  • 6th Annual Health Literacy Research Conference
    • November 3- 4, 2014
      • The Health Literacy Annual Research Conference is an interdisciplinary meeting for investigators dedicated to health literacy research.  It is an opportunity to advance the field of health literacy, a method to raise the quality of our research, and a venue for professional development.
      • Our aim is to attract a full range of investigators engaged in health literacy research including those involved in a broad array of public health, health services, epidemiology, translational, and interventional research activities.
    • Bethesda, MD

8th Annual National Conference on Health Disparities

  • Reducing Health Disparities Through Sustaining and Strengthening Healthy Communities 
    • November 5- 8, 2014
      • Like its seven predecessors, the 2014 NCHD will focus on policies and programs to reduce health disparities, with one panel addressing a new topic: the impact of health issues, including disparities, on our nation's military personnel and national security. Throughout the conference, presenters will emphasize the role of social determinants, personal responsibility and prevention in initiatives that reduce disparities.
    • Long Beach, CA

American Association for Cancer Research

  • The Science of Cancer Health Disparities in Racial/Ethnic Minorities and the Medically Underserved
    • November 9- 12, 2014
      • The AACR Cancer Health Disparities conferences advance the understanding and, ultimately, help to eliminate the disparities in cancer that represent a major public health problem in our country. By promoting the exchange of novel ideas and information between a wide range of professionals from academia, industry, government, and the community, these conferences harness the potential and maximize the many opportunities for bringing research on health disparities from bench to bedside or community, and back again. 
    • San Antonio, TX

Movement for Life 2014 National Caucus on Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Health Disparities