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Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions

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MAY 2014 Conferences & Events


American Hospital Association

  • AHA Annual Meeting: Ensuring A Healthier Tomorrow
    • May 4- 7, 2014
      • Please join the country’s foremost political, policy, opinion and health care leaders at the 
        2014 AHA Annual Membership Meeting as we forge paths in the new terrain
      • Washington, DC
  • SHSMD: Executive Dialogue: Healthcare's New Shoreline of Opportunity
    • May 28- 29, 2014
      • Thought leaders specifically selected by senior healthcare strategy professionals will highlight new knowledge and case examples and recommended strategies for driving growth in an era of expanded metrics. Participants, led by an executive facilitator, will engage in rich discussions on the issues you and your colleagues are facing in 2014 and beyond. Whether your organization is strategizing on price transparency, physician integration, public and private exchanges, new market entrants, population management, or the rapidly changing patient experience, you will find the answers at this event.
      • Chicago, IL