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Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Prevention and Policy

Community Gun Violence

Gun violence disproportionally affects underserved urban communities. The Center is committed to using our expertise and resources to address urban gun violence in Baltimore and across the nation.

The Johns-Hopkins Baltimore Collaborative for Violence Reduction assists the Baltimore Police Department to strengthen police relations with Baltimore residents and improve law enforcement practices. Research in this area looks both at law enforcement strategies and public health strategies like Cure Violence and Safe Streets.

Key Statistic

While gun violence knows no boundaries, neighborhoods where poverty is most concentrated bear the largest brunt of gun homicide, crime, and associated trauma. African American children and teens are 14 times more likely than white children and teens of the same age to die by gun homicide.[1]

“Given the importance of illegal gun possession in contributing to Baltimore’s extraordinarily high rate of homicide and other violent crime that is traumatizing communities, the Baltimore Police Department must focus on combatting illegal gun possession by individuals engaged in violent crime. But it must do so only in a manner that is legal, professional, and acceptable to the communities they serve.”

– Daniel Webster, Center Director


Center Reports

News Releases

[1] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. WONDER, Underlying Cause of Death