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Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research

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Gun violence claims more than 100 lives every day in America. Hundreds more are shot and injured each day, and the effects of gun violence reach almost every American alive today.

For more than twenty years, the Center for Gun Policy and Research at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has served as the premier academic institution dedicated to conducting and disseminating non-partisan gun policy research and information. Policy makers, advocates, journalists, and other scientists rely upon our research and expertise to inform their own work.

Through donations from Foundations and individuals, we are able to help answer some of the most important questions in gun violence by conducting policy analyses and research. Our faculty are frequently invited to advise federal, state, and local officials and to testify at congressional and state hearings.

In addition to publishing articles in leading scientific journals, our Center produces numerous resources, including fact sheets and policy analyses, and works closely with the media and others to disseminate our findings to reach the general public and decision-makers. Many of the leading gun violence prevention researchers in the U.S.– both inside and outside of our Center—have received their education at Johns Hopkins. Our faculty are training the next generation of gun violence prevention researchers.

We are grateful to our existing funders, and welcome donations to support our work.

Funding for Gun Violence Prevention Research

Gun violence, including suicides, is one of our nation's most pressing concerns for public health and safety. Yet government funding for research that could inform policies and programs to prevent gun violence is miniscule in comparison to the scope of the problem.

Many believe the U.S. government cannot fund gun violence prevention research, based on an incorrect interpretation of the Dickey Amendment – a rider attached to CDC appropriations language since 1996 -- as prohibiting all federal support for research on gun issues. First, CDC does fund some violence-related research, and could fund more if the funds were appropriated. Second, other parts of government, such as the National Institutes of Justice, devote funds towards gun violence prevention research.

Private funding for such research is beginning to increase, and our Center is grateful for the support we have received from foundations and philanthropies throughout our history. We have made important, lifesaving discoveries about which programs and policies reduce gun violence, and we remain committed to translating these findings so policy makers in communities across the United States can apply them to their work.

We are also committed to putting forth ideas not requiring huge investments which could dramatically help combat gun violence, such as the FBI adding non-fatal shootings to its Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. 

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