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Center for a Livable Future


Opportunities for Research Support and Collaboration

The Center supports research through the following programs and activities.

CLF-Lerner Fellowships

The CLF-Lerner Fellowships supports Johns Hopkins University doctoral students (PhD or DrPH) who are committed to the discovery and/or application of knowledge about public health challenges of current food systems, and/or about creating a healthier and more resilient food system. Applications are due in spring of each year. Read More>>

Carl Taylor Research and Practice Grants

Launched in 2010 in honor of the late Carl Taylor, the Carl Taylor Research and Practice Grants support Johns Hopkins University master's degree students in developing projects, and, ultimately, careers, addressing interdisciplinary topics relevant to achieving a livable future by improving food systems and health for all while using natural resources sustainably and leaving a world fit for future generations. Applications are due in fall of each year. Read More>>

Aquaculture Research Grants

Now in its second year, the Aquaculture, Public Health, and the Environment Research Grant Program supports Johns Hopkins University faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and doctoral students to generate scientific contributions that explore the environmental and public health implications of aquaculture, characterize aquaculture and production trends, and examine the implications of aquaculture practices on food safety, food security, and nutrition. Read More>>

Directed Research

Directed research projects are initiated by CLF faculty and staff, to address high priority research needs; there is no application process. The Center identifies priorities on an ongoing basis in consultation with experts from science, policy and practice. The Directed Research program provides direct support to researchers, primarily within Johns Hopkins University, for undertaking investigations on these priority topics. This program also supports the Center's in-house research conducted by the Center's faculty, staff and research assistants.

Innovation Grants

*The CLF Innovation Grants program has been discontinued.*

From 1999-2009 the CLF Innovation Grants program supported 73 research projects  to help the center in its mission to address the complex interactions among diet, human health, food production, food security, equity, and the environment.  Funds supported faculty, staff and students in 20 departments and divisions throughout the university.
Most of the research projects supported through Innovation Grants have led to published scientific papers and a significant portion led to external grant support and larger research projects. The program was particularly successful in supporting projects that helped elevate the research and policy attention given to public health impacts of industrial food animal production.