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Center for a Livable Future


Research and Project Ideas for Students

Research Ideas

The Center’s faculty and staff have a long wish list of research they would love to see completed by students who are interested in exploring the intersections of food systems and public health. Some of this research would fill gaps in existing knowledge, and some of it may serve to communicate important concepts. These research ideas could be used as a starting point for masters’ capstone projects, or for other research projects. By no means complete or comprehensive, this list is a snapshot of recent brainstorming by CLF faculty and staff; the Center encourages brainstorming by all interested in our research priorities. In fact, if you have some ideas, please email them to Meg Burke

  • Ideas for research in collaboration with CLF
    These research ideas tie in to work that is already underway at the Center or with our partners. Read more>>
  • Ideas for independent research beyond CLF
    While the Center is not directly involved in the following research ideas, we think these pursuits would be of great benefit to the scientific community and to the food systems community. Read more>>

Volunteer Project Ideas

The Center has a few ongoing projects that could use the help of dedicated volunteers interested in hands-on experience with food systems policy, advocacy or initiatives. We also have some ideas about projects that would be of benefit to the community, but are beyond the scope of CLF’s current engagement. In addition, SOURCE can connect you with other volunteer needs at community organizations in Baltimore, including projects focused on food. Read more>>

Financial Support

For information about how CLF supports research through the Carl Taylor research and practice grant program and through doctoral fellowships, please read Opportunities for Research Support and Collaboration.