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Center for a Livable Future


Baltimore City’s Food Environment Report: 2018 Report

Caitlin Misiaszek, Sarah Buzogany, and Holly Freishtat
CLF Report,  January 2018

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Since 2012, the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF) and the Baltimore Food Policy Initiative (BFPI) have collaborated to examine the physical food environment in Baltimore City to identify gaps and opportunities in healthy food access. This research and report build upon the 2015 report: Mapping Baltimore City’s Food Environment4 by providing an update on the Baltimore City food retail environment, including an in-depth analysis that identifies geographic areas that should be prioritized for healthy food policy and programmatic activities, and strategies and opportunities to address healthy food access. In addition, this report specifically highlights various elements of the physical food environment, from retail outlets to urban agriculture to nutrition assistance, to provide a more focused look at each component. The report also features quotes from Resident Food Equity Advisors — a resident group that informs Baltimore City food policy making — to provide context of lived experiences related to the data presented on the food environment.

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