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Research and Publications


Healthy Monday: Two Literature Reviews
Jillian Fry, MPH and Roni Neff, PhD, MS

Periodic Prompts and Reminders in Health Promotion and Health Behavior Interventions: Systematic Review
Journal of Internet Medical Research, 2009.

Monday 2000 at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

In an effort to determine the most effective way to alter behaviors to decrease excess calories through periodic messaging, based on the Healthy Monday method, the Johns Hopkins Healthy Monday Project is directing a research project at The Johns Hopkins Hospital’s main cafeteria.  Participation in this study will likely further our understanding of the best ways to change health behaviors for reducing obesity in the United States.

Worksite Wellness Evaluation Pilot program

The Johns Hopkins Healthy Monday Project (JHHM) is working with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia, a subsidiary of WellPoint insurance, to evaluate successful communication tools designed to promote health and wellness for its clients. JHHMP's goal is to improve the success of current and new wellness plans through the implementation of the “Monday” periodic messaging approach.