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Center for a Livable Future


The Johns Hopkins Healthy Monday Project (JHMMP) 


Building on our experiences providing scientific expertise to the Meatless Monday campaign, CLF expanded its capacity to work more generally with Healthy Monday initiatives by launching the Johns Hopkins Healthy Monday Project (JHHMP) in 2009. The goal of this project, which continued through 2012, was to engage staff, faculty and students throughout the entire Johns Hopkins Medicine and University systems and to harness a full range of scientific expertise in behavior change communication, healthy promotion, social marketing, and clinical medicine, with a primary focus on food choices and dietary patterns. 

JHHMP Activities & Accomplishments

  • Helped initiate a presence on several Hopkins’ campuses, including the Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Wolfe Street Building, the Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Cafeteria, and the University’s undergraduate Homewood campus; and with local organizations and institutions, like the Baltimore City Public School system and the Franciscan Center of Baltimore.
  • Collaborated with the Johns Hopkins Health and Productivity Group on weekly Healthy Monday activities around campus and through Healthy@Hopkins, a website portal that gives Hopkins employees a starting point to navigate through the myriad health and wellness programs that are available to them.
  • Assisted the Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Health Education and Wellness launch its own “S.E.E. (Sleep, Eat, Exercise) For Yourself on Monday” program on the Homewood campus.
  • Feature article in the Johns Hopkins Magazine, Spring 2011, issue entitled “52 Chances – A Fresh Shot at Health Every Monday.”  
  • On the main JHSPH website, offered faculty-sponsored Healthy Monday tips for preventing disease and injury and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Visit the archive here.
  • The JHHMP has also participated in several research projects related to and in collaboration with the Monday Campaigns.
    •  In 2010, the JHHMP launched a ‘Monday 2000’ pilot project in the Johns Hopkins Hospital’s main cafeteria in an effort to determine the most effective way to improve food choices and increase knowledge of daily caloric intake through periodic messaging based on the Healthy Monday method. The goal is for this study, which is now awaiting publication, to contribute to the discussion surrounding the effectiveness of calorie menu labeling in improving dietary behaviors and ultimately reducing the burden of obesity and chronic diseases. 
    • The JHHMP also assisted with the implementation and evaluation of Sodexo’s Meatless Monday initiative promoted among more than 2,000 corporate sites and more than 900 health care facilities across the country. According to survey results, the initiative has helped participating facilities serve healthier, more sustainable menu options while maintaining sales and increasing customer satisfaction.
    • Finally, a Healthy Monday Worksite Wellness Pilot Project is currently underway with 4 sites of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia, a subsidiary of WellPoint insurance, to evaluate the effectiveness of communication tools designed to promote health and wellness for its clients.