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Center for a Livable Future


Toolkits, Guides, and Ideas for Your Congregation

Baltimore food and faith project

The Good Food Toolkit: A Food Sustainability and Justice Evaluation for Faith Communities

The Good Food Toolkit will assist congregations of all traditions in adopting policies and practices that better promote “good food.”

BFFP Faith Community Gardens

BFFP has provided small grants to over 40 faith communities, religious schools, and other faith-based organizations to help create vegetable, fruit and herb gardens that can help to improve our food system.

Action Ideas for Congregations Worksheet

For those who want to explore alternatives to our current food system through hands-on activities, here are some ideas for next steps that you and/or your faith community may take in your journey toward more meaningful and joy-filled eating. The ideas are pretty basic and most do not cost much (or any) money or take a lot of time to do.

Guide to Composting for Congregations

From Garage to Garden.

Youth Service Learning Project Ideas

Youth service learning project ideas related to food, agriculture, and the environment.

Worship Materials

A compilation of materials - sermon starters, readings, prayers, and hymns - related to food, agriculture and faith to be used for during services.

Denominational Policy Statements and Resolutions

Official statements, resolutions and policies supporting healthy, sustainable and humanely raised food that have adopted by governing bodies from many different faith traditions

Action Guides, Toolkits, and Other Resources

Additional resources on faith, health, social justice and the environment.