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The Good Food Toolkit: A Food Sustainability and Justice Evaluation for Faith Communities

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Why was the Good Food Toolkit created?

Eating is an environmental and a moral act. Whether we live in big cities or rural towns, on a farm or in an apartment, our most profound and intimate connection to the earth – and frequently to each other - is through the food we eat. We don’t often think of our meals in environmental terms or as having much to do with peace and justice, but every time we put food into our mouths, we connect ourselves to other people and other species, and most importantly, to the Creator.

Congregations have an important role to play in promoting “good food” – food that is sustainably produced and humanely raised; that is grown and harvested by people who receive fair wages; and that is healthy, affordable, and available to all. By examining how they use, donate, and teach about food, faith communities have an enormous opportunity to support a better food system.

The Good Food Toolkit will assist congregations of all traditions in adopting policies and practices that better promote “good food.”

What is included in the Toolkit?

The Good Food Toolkit consists of:

  • A “food audit” that will help your faith community to assess what you are already doing to promote “good food” and identify the best areas for improvement.
  • Planning tools to help you develop an Action Plan for adopting more sustainable and just food policies and practices.
  • Teaching tools and success stories to empower your faith community for sustainable food leadership.

Working through these activities and involving your congregation’s leaders and members will enable you to take a broader look at the ways you eat and share food, and how these relate to earth stewardship, social and economic justice for farmers and farmworkers, farm animal welfare, and healthy food availability for others in your community. This Toolkit provides everything you need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your congregation's current food policies and practices and to develop and implement a personalized action plan.

Learn how to use the Toolki


Introduction and How to Find the Toolkit

How to Assemble a Good Food Team and Get Started

Completing the Food Assessment

How can I access the Toolkit?

The Good Food Toolkit is completely free and available for you to download from our website in a PDF format. You can download the complete Toolkit, or download individual sections of the Toolkit.

Once you fill out some brief information about yourself, then you will have full access to download the PDF files. You can save the files to your computer, or access the files through a link that will be sent to you in an email after registering.

To download the Toolkit, please fill out the following form: