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Summer Camp Curriculum

Baltimore food and faith project

Growing Faith with Food is a fun and educational interfaith curriculum for 5 to 11-year olds that teaches about gardening, cooking, eating healthfully, caring for the environment and others who are less fortunate, being thankful, and understanding just how awe-inspiring God’s good Earth is in its beauty and ability to provide what we need to thrive.


Complete Curriculum

Includes an introduction to Growing Faith with Food, including how it works, and tips for hosting a successful summer camp.

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Garden of Eden

The image of abundance in the Garden of Eden story provides an illustration of the sacred environment. Students learn about human beings as caretakers of the other species with whom we share the Garden.

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Seeds of Faith

Students collect seeds, make art and music with seeds, learn about seed parts and seed types, and learn about edible seeds. Viewing seeds as symbols of food security and a vital part of God’s creation allows connections to be made between ecology and theology.

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about god

And God Created Plants

This module teaches about plant structures and how plants grow. The miracle of Creation is recreated in every seedling, exemplifying the goodness of the Lord and providing a metaphor for the growth of faith.

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Stewards of the Earth

Biodiversity is an intrinsic part of Creation; God teaches us about the importance of preserving all types of plants and animals. Students will learn in this module about the Three Sisters’ Garden and Respect for the Web of Life.

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Care for All Creatures

The role of human compassion in caring for animals is connected to modern farming and agriculture. God created the animals first and found them to be good. How can we also show our respect for them through our food choices?

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Table of Plenty

The moral obligation of those who have plenty to feed the less fortunate is taught through lessons and activities that provoke an appreciation of abundance and a duty to share our resources.

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food for soul

Food for the Soul

Students learn that it’s important to care for ourselves as a vital part of God’s creation. Providing our bodies with proper nutrition is important for not just our bodies, but also our hearts and minds. This module explores nutrition topics in relation to theology.

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The Sower in the Field

Explore the theological role of farmers and connections between faith and agriculture. The texts from many faith traditions have a lot to say about gleaning, harvesting, and caring for the Earth through farming!

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Renewing the Earth’s Abundance

Learn about food waste and how waste is managed. How does this relate to hunger and food insecurity? When we are better stewards of our resources, we are more fully living according to God’s will.

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Giving Thanks for God’s Blessings

Thanksgiving is an important part of prayer and spiritual life. Developing gratitude and appreciation for God’s gifts is relevant to food issues and applicable through faith-based lessons.

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