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Center for a Livable Future


CLF Affiliates Publish First Systematic Review of Food Security Literature

With the support of the Center for a Livable Future, Stephen Haering, MD, MPH, and Syed Shamsuzzoha, MD, MPH, DPH have completed a comprehensive review of the existing literature on community food security. In the summer of 2006, Haering and Shamsuzzoha began reviewing what would add up to over two hundred articles, generating the first large-scale review of food security literature. In Community Food Security in United States Cities, Haering and Shamsuzzoha have grouped articles addressing poverty, obesity, human rights, health care, and agriculture, reviewing the interventions to build food security and eliminate hunger on both community and institutional levels. As food security is fundamental to community health and well being, this synthesis is a major contribution that will help researchers identify gaps in the existing literature, directing future research.