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CLF in the News

A selection of interesting articles in the general media about issues that concern CLF. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Center. Some of the articles may require a username/password or a purchase.

USDA Clarifies What "Sell By" And "Best If Used By" Food Labels Really Mean
Forbes - December 17, 2016
By Bruce Y. Lee 

“Nightmare” Bacteria Resistant to Last-Resort Antibiotics Discovered on Farm

Poll: Eastern Shore voters support poultry reforms
Delmarva Now - December 13, 2016
By Jeremy Cox

Field Notes: Professor Trash Wheel, Lake Roland, and the Bees' Needs
Baltimore Magazine - December 7, 2016
By Amy Mulvihill

New Kind of Antibiotic Resistance Shows Up on a Hog Farm
Scientific American - December 7, 2016
By Melinda Wenner Moyer

Forging Frontiers
Baltimore Style - November 2016
By Martha Thomas

Farm to cafeteria table: The new local food frontier
GreenBiz - October 13, 2016
By Leilani Clark

Commentary: Fear-based marketing reduces fruit, vegetable usage
California Farm Bureau - October 12, 2016
By Teresa Thorne

In Fighting Obesity, We’ll Need Both the Carrot and the Stick
Civil Eats - October 7, 2016
By Rachel Cernansky

Fear-based marketing has nasty unintended consequences
Visalia Times-Delta - October 4, 2016
By Carolyn O'Donnell

Meatless Monday Endorsed by World Health Summit 2016
Erie News Now - October 3, 2016

Alliance for Food and Farming: New Study Finds Fear-Based Messaging About Produce Safety Negatively Impacts Low Income Consumers
BusinessWire - September 29, 2016

Urban Ag May Get a Chunk of Farm Bill Cash
TakePart - September 28, 2016
By Jason Best

Health expert urges council to take action on chicken farms
Cecil Whig - September 27, 2016
By Cheryl Mattix

The Richard Eeds Show - September 27, 2016

Bayer-Monsanto merger: Concerns about a seed-and-pesticide food monopoly
Christian Science Monitor - September 15, 2016
By Zhai Yun Tan

Feeding the Future Takes Center Stage at EAT Food Forum
EcoWatch - September 13, 2016


Michael Hansen: Architect of Consumers Union ongoing anti-GMO campaign
Genetic Literacy Project - September 7, 2016

Study: Urban Agriculture Good for Students, Community Health
El Paso Herald-Post - September 6, 2016
By Eric Galatas

Growing pains for Detroit's urban farms (CityLab)
MSN - September 4, 2016
By Jessica Leigh Hester

When the Dust Settles
Texas Monthly - September 2016
By Eva Hershaw

Growing Pains for Detroit's Urban Farms
City Lab - August 30, 2016
By Jessica Leigh Hester

Farmers, neighbors clash over poultry house rules
Delmarva Now - August 24, 2016

How much food can cities produce?
The Huffington Post - August 24, 2016
By David Suzuki

Court of Appeals gives OK to national group to join Trom appeal
Dodge County Independent - August 24, 2016
By Karen Jorgensen

Appeals court says 'Yes' to national groups in 'factory farm' appeal
Byron Review - August 24, 2016

Make it a meatless Monday
Frederick News Post - August 23, 2016
By Deborah Rhoades

David Suzuki: How much food can cities produce?
The Georgia Straight - August 23, 2016
By David Suzuki

Can high-tech bacteria make fish farming more sustainable?
Aquaculture Magazine - August 22, 2016

Americans should eat less meat, but they’re eating more and more
Vox - August 18, 2016
By Eliza Barclay

Urban farming is taking root in Baltimore. Is it the city's next growth industry?
Baltimore Magazine - August 15, 2016
By Amy Mulvihill

What deep-fried Twinkies tell us about Wal-Mart’s new food lab
The Christian Science Monitor - August 12, 2016
By David Iaconangelo

Urban Agriculture Has Benefits, But Can Be Oversold
Wichita Public Radio - August 10, 2016
By Suzanne Hogan

Johns Hopkins University's Center for a Livable Future on Aquaponics Lessons Learned
GRACE Communications Foundation - August 4, 2016
By Robin Madel

Eggs and Quinoa: Answers to Your Nine Days Recipe Crisis
Jewish Link of New Jersey - August 4, 2016

By Sara Linder

How to fight food waste — and win
TVO - August 2, 2016
By Sarah Dziedzic

Bob Lawrence’s wealth of knowledge gives us food for thought
Portland Press-Herald - July 31, 2016
By Mary Plos

This is Why Americans Throw Out $165 Billion in Food Every Year
MSN - July 31, 2016
By Quentin Fottrell

Food Sleuth Radio, Keeve Nachman Interview
PRX - July 28, 2016
By Dan Hemmelgarn

The war on food waste and how 'smart' packaging can help win it
Plastics Today - July 25, 2016

By Kari Embree

What Are The Benefits Of Urban Agriculture In Kansas City?
KCUR - July 25, 2016
By Suzanne Hogan

Salvation Farms Study Finds Staggering Food Loss from Vermont Farms
VT Digger - July 25, 2016
By Marcella Houghton

Americans Are Throwing Away Billions of Dollars Worth of Food
Reveal (Originally from The Guardian) - July 23, 2016

Americans feel guilt over tossing edible food
San Diego Union-Tribune - July 22, 2016
By Joshua Emerson Smith

Why Americans waste so much food
Science Daily - July 21, 2016

Urban Farming Grows in Arlington
Arlington Magazine - July 19, 2016
By Whitney Pipkin

Johns Hopkins aquaponics testing ground gives way to urban teaching farm
The Hub (Johns Hopkins Publication) - July 18, 2016
By Katie Pearce

Feed yourself more healthfully and protect the planet at the same time
Portland Press Herald - July 14, 2016
By Suzanne Goldenberg

Half of all US food produce is thrown away, new research suggests
The Guardian - July 13, 2016
By Suzanne Goldenberg

Neighbors express concerns over proposed chicken farm
Cecil Whig - July 13, 2016
By Jane Bellmyer

59 Organizations Fighting Food Loss and Waste
Food Tank - July 7, 2016
By Danielle Nierenberg and Sarah Small

How to Save $2,000 a Year on Food
Money Talks News - July 7, 2016
By Krystal Steinmetz

Will This Technology Make Fish Farming More Sustainable?
Civil Eats - July 6, 2016
By Kristine Wong

Fixing Expiration Dates Won’t Solve Food Waste
Slate - July 5, 2016
By Shannon Palus

Pennsylvania Nonprofit Grocery Tries To Find Its Niche
WBUR - July 5, 2016
By Laura Benshoff

Declare Independence From Food Waste
The Huffington Post - July 1, 2016

New Bill in Congress Dispels Consumer Confusion Surrounding Food Labels
Food Tank - July 1, 2016
By Emma Tozer

Health Buzz: Canned Foods Expose Us to More BPA, Study Says
U.S. News & World Report - June 30, 2016
By David Oliver

Canned Foods Are A Source Of BPA
Forbes - June 29, 2016
By Sam Lemonick

Maine Voices: When a fish is more than a fillet
Portland Press Herald - June 26, 2016
Jack Whitacre

Arnold Schwarzenegger to China: Terminate Your Meat-Eating Ways
TakePart - June 25, 2016
By Gwendolyn Wu

Menus of Change Summit Opens with a Focus on Plant-Forward Cuisine
FSR Magazine - June 14, 2016
By Danny Klein

How Parents' Love And Affection Contributes To Food Waste, Obesity In America
Delmarva Now - June 13, 2016
By Justin Caba

Why Somerset turned up the heat on chicken farms
Delmarva Now - June 13, 2016

By Jeremy Cox

A startup that wants to end world hunger is starting with a tiny indoor vertical farm
Quartz - June 12, 2016

By Elizabeth Rushe

Waste Not, Want Not
WYPR Midday - June 7, 2016

Johns Hopkins Report Analyzes the Benefits and Limitations of Urban Agriculture
Food Tank - June 5, 2016
By Lani Furbank

Sound Bites: Town Hall on Industrial Poultry Production on the Eastern Short Part One
Delmarva Public Radio - June 2, 2016

Toxic Arsenic Found in 90% of Chicken Meat
The Alternative Daily - June 2, 2016

'Food Frontiers' Documentary Reveals the Changing Landscape of the American Food System
Mercola - May 28, 2016
By Dr. Mercola

How a Bayer-Monsanto merger will wind up costing you at the grocery store
Market Watch - May 27, 2016
By Emma Court

Bayer ‘Confident’ It Can Still Strike Deal with Monsanto, Merger Could Spell Disaster for Farmers and Global Food Supply
EcoWatch - May 26, 2016

Legislation proposed to standardize food date labeling
Packaging World - May 23, 2016

Wicomico poultry house forum a call to action
Delmarva Now - May 20, 2016

By Jeremy Cox

Survey Shows Date Labels Contribute to Food Waste
WholeFoods Magazine - May 20, 2016

By WholeFoods Magazine Staff

“Sell By” Date Labels Confuse Customers, Increase Food Waste
National Geographic - May 20, 2016
By Jonathan Bloom

Legislation proposed to standardize food date labeling
Greener Package - May 19, 2016

By Anne Marie Mohan

How community gardens help (and even hurt)
Mother Nature Network - May 18, 2016
By Mary Jo DiLonardo

The Expiration Date On Your Food Does Not Mean Anything – For Now
Carbonated TV - May 2016

The ‘Sell By’ Dates On Our Groceries Are Causing Tons Of Food Waste
Climate Progress - May 18, 2016

The real value of urban farming. (Hint: It's not always the food.)
Vox - May 16, 2016
By Brad Plumer

Q&A With Assateague Coastkeeper Kathy Phillips, Large-Scale Poultry Operations ‘Raising A Lot Of Concerns’ On Shore
The Dispatch - May 12, 2016
By Bryan Russo

Are Urban Farms More Hype than Hope? Report Raises Questions
Curbed - May 12, 2016


Raise the Roof: Urban Farms Expand Up, In, and Around
National Geographic (The Plate) - May 12, 2016
By Catherine Zuckerman

Feeding The Animals We Eat: Fish Farming vs. Land Farming
Triple Pundit - April 15, 2016
By�Scott Nichols

By Mark Winne

ASB’s Faith in Action tackles food insecurity in Baltimore
Colby Echo News - April 7, 2016

FDA Proposes a Limit on Arsenic in Rice Cereal for Babies
New York Times - April 1, 2016

Morning Agriculture
Politico - March 24, 2016
By Jason Huffman

Sorry, meat lovers: Cutting out meat from your diet would be great for the climate
Mashable - March 23, 2016

The Presidential Candidates Seriously Don’t Seem To Care About Our Food Supply

Meating Our Goals: Bon Appétit Management Company's Progress Toward More Humane Sourcing
Business Wire - March 21, 2016

Nutritional content of fish may be changed by farming, study finds
The Baltimore Sun - March 18, 2016
By Meredith Cohn

Here’s How You Can Take Back the Power and Vote for a Better Food System Today
One Green Planet - March 17, 2016
By Nil Zacharias

Study: Shift in farmed fish feed may impact nutritional benefits
Undercurrents - March 15, 2016

Changes in Aquaculture Feed May Impact Seafood Nutritional Benefits
The Fish Site - Mrach 15, 2016

Farm-Raised Seafoods Fed Plant-Based Diet Have Lower Levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Headlines and Global News - March 14, 2016
By Cheri Cheng

News Roundup: Prepare to be bugged by aphids
Amarillo Globe News - March 12, 2016

Americans Want Fewer Politicians, More Sustainability in our Dietary Guidelines
Modern Farmer - March 11, 2016

Sarah McColl

Curb Antibiotic Use in Farm Animals
Scientific American - March 1, 2016
By Keeve Nachman

Vegetables May Be Hip, but Americans Still Aren’t Eating Less Meat
Take Part - Feb 26, 2016
By Willy Blackmore

“We All We Got”: The Black Church As an Oasis in Baltimore’s Food Deserts
Religion Dispatches - Feb 25, 2016
By Kasai Rex

Backyard backlash: How Delmarva turned against poultry
Delaware Online - February 21, 2016
By Jen Rini

A Clever Way To Avoid Toxic Chemicals In Everyday Products
Huffington Post - February 17, 2016
By Casey Williams

Paleochannel is citizen group’s main concern
Delmarva Now - February 17, 2016
By Gabby Cammarata

'Holistic engineering' in the wake of disaster
Baltimore Sun - February 14, 20016
By Jonathan Pitts

Meatless Mondays In Nashville? Here's Why & Where To Go!
The Tennessean - February 11, 2016
By Andrei Javier

Backyard backlash: How Delmarva turned against poultry
The Delmarva Daily Times - February 2016
By Jeremy Cox

Dietary Guidelines Do-Over
U.S. News & World Report - February 2, 2016
By Michael O. Schroeder

Churches And Farmers Unite To End Food Deserts
WYPR - February 1, 2016
By Tom Hall & Rob Sivak

Forum addresses impact of 'factory farming'
Public Opinion Online - January 31, 2016
By T.W. Burger

Food deserts
The Community Word -January 31, 2016
By Bill Knight

MSU Counter Cuisine Club Changing the Way Students Eat
State News - January 28, 2016
By Connor Clark

Accomack poultry regs proposals draw health concerns
Demarva Now - January 25, 2016
By Carol Vaughn

Lobbyists distort our idea of a healthy diet
Al Jazeera America - Januray 21, 2016

Majority of Americans Supports 'Smart' Guns, Survey Reveals - January 21, 2016

Religions and Food Waste Reduction: A National Innovation Lab for Behavior Change?
Nonprofit Quarterly - January 21, 2016
James Araci

Wilson College to host factory farm forum
Public Opinion - January 18, 2016
By David Barr

Opinion: It’s Safe to Eat Chipotle Burritos — and Buy Some Stock
MarketWatch - January 13, 2016
By Michael Brush

Slow fish: Preventing waste via packaging
The Global Aquaculture Advocate - January 11, 2016
By Clare Leschin-Hoar

State Lawmakers Go Back to Work As Food Trends Turn Popular
Food Safety News - January 11, 2016

How antibiotics in our food system affect your health
KTXS (CNN) - Januray 11, 2016
By Jordan Malter

How antibiotics in our food system affect your health
CNN - January 10, 2016

Emily Nink

With Twice The Protein As Quinoa, The Pulse Might Be The Year’s New Hot ‘Superfood’
Think Progress - January 6, 2016

16 Reasons 2016 Will Bring Positive Change to the Global Food System
Eco Watch (FoodTank) - January 2, 2016
By Danielle Nierenberg