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Center for a Livable Future


February 2017

Out to Pasture: The Future of Farming?


Out to Pasture: The Future of Farming? (2010; 34 minutes) is a documentary film that contrasts the industrial approach to food animal production with farms that raise food animals outdoors in diversified operations. CLF co-produced the film with the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Several pasture-based farmers are profiled. They discuss how they got started in farming (three transitioned from industrial operations), what’s important about their farming methods, how their conventional-farm neighbors view them, how to keep young people on the farm, the future of the food system, and other topics.

CLF films enhance free FoodSpan curriculum

Out to Pasture is part of the Center for a Livable Future’s free high school curriculum known as FoodSpan, which delves deeply into some of the most critical issues in the food system. Teachers can pair Out to Pasture with FoodSpan Lesson 2: Animals: Field to Factory or Lesson 6: Turning Toward Sustainability.

In 2016, CLF produced Food Frontiers, a 36-minute film that highlights six pioneering projects from around the country that are reducing food insecurity in communities. Teachers can use Food Frontiers in conjunction with FoodSpan Lesson 14: The Hunger Gap and Lesson 12: Why We Eat What We Eat.