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Center for a Livable Future


News Releases

The Center for a Livable Future publishes research, sponsors events, and collaborates with partners on projects that affect local, regional and national food systems. Here is our coverage of some of our work in those areas.

Survey: Misunderstanding Food Date Labels Linked With Higher Food Discards
February 19, 2019

CLF Perspective on Climate Change and Food Systems
October 16, 2018

Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future Announces CLF-Lerner Fellowship Recipients
September 20, 2018

Consumers Cite Health Concerns, Cost As Reasons They Eat Less Meat
September 12, 2018

Survey: Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans Oppose Cuts To SNAP Program
July 25, 2018

Johns Hopkins Researchers to Investigate Challenges in Seafood Sustainability
April 5, 2018

Farmed Seafood and Livestock Stack Up Differently Using Alternate Feed Efficiency Measure
February 6, 2018

Study Offers Fresh Insights into Consumer Perspectives on Local & Regional Food
January 31, 2018

Report: ‘Food Desert’ Gets a Name Change in Response to Baltimore Community Feedback
January 17, 2018

Study Unearths Vibrant Urban Foraging Community in Baltimore
December 4, 2017

Near- and Offshore Finfish Aquaculture Poses Risks to the Environment and Public Health
October 30, 2017

CLF-Harvard Partnership Launches New “Good Laws, Good Food” Toolkit
October 25, 2017

Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future Announces CLF-Lerner Fellowship Recipients
September 19, 2017

Global Food Expert Martin Bloem to Lead the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future
September 15, 2017

Health Impact Assessments: Underutilized Tool for Nutrition and Agriculture Programs
August 25, 2017

Government Efforts to Reduce Wasted Food Gaining Traction
August 17, 2017

New Report Offers Blueprint for Baltimore Food System Resilience
August 2, 2017

MPH Concentration in Food Systems Approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission
July 5, 2017

A New Priority for Seafood Policy: Advancing Public Health
June 5, 2017

Publicly-Funded Science: Boon for US Aquaculture
May 24, 2017

Wasted Food Means Wasted Nutrients
May 15, 2017

CLF Launches New Maryland Food System Mapping App
April 12, 2017

Lack of Protections for Undocumented Workers Puts Public Health, Food System at Risk
April 3, 2017

Education Partnership Takes a Bite Out of Food Insecurity
March 7, 2017