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Center for a Livable Future


Student Research Assistant at CLF

Throughout each academic year, the CLF provides opportunities for a limited number of Johns Hopkins University undergraduate and graduate students to work with staff and faculty as student research assistants (SRAs). The duration of work is subject to work priorities and funding. It may or may not last for an entire academic year. During the academic year, SRAs typically work with the Center between 8 and 19 hours per week. The hours required for each position are specified in the description below. CLF compensates SRAs at a rate competitive with other JHU student positions.

SRAs are important members of the CLF Team. They are involved in challenging work assignments and receive helpful supervision and mentoring from CLF staff members. Work responsibilities can involve a range of skills and expertise, including: conducting scientific literature reviews; data collection, performing data analysis; contributing to the development of scientific papers and synthesis documents; providing project assistance for CLF activities; and developing communication materials to inform education, advocacy and policy activities. Performing administrative support activities is also part of a SRA's scope of work. SRAs are encouraged to attend CLF-sponsored seminars and lectures that may be scheduled throughout the year.