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Center for a Livable Future


Carrie Burns

Carrie joined the Center for a Livable Future as a research assistant during her master’s training in 2013 and is excited to continue exploring Maryland’s food systems as a Education and Advocacy Coordinator for the Maryland Food System Map Project.

Carrie arrived in Baltimore by way of Lansing, Michigan, where she worked on many small farms, coordinated community gardens, taught nutrition, and worked with restaurants and farmers markets. Through this work and her academic training, she realized the profound role food plays in chronic disease while working in a hospital, and quickly became interested in sustainable agriculture, food access, and public health. She is interested in how food affects individual, community, and environmental health and fascinated by all aspects of our complex food systems.

Outside of work, Carrie spends time getting to know Maryland’s outdoors on foot and by bike, exploring Baltimore’s distinct neighborhoods, and tending her backyard vegetable garden.

She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Michigan State University before becoming involved in Lansing’s food systems, and she completed her master’s work in health education and health communication at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.





Carrie Burns
Education and Advocacy Coordinator,
Maryland Food System Mapping Project

“Food is necessary for human existence, yet we encounter it so frequently that it’s easy to forget the complicated systems that bring food from farms to our plates. I’m thrilled to be working with people so passionate about ensuring that our food is fair and healthy for people, communities, and the environment.”

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