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Allison Righter

Allison brings her expertise, many skills, and great enthusiasm to a range of projects within the Food Communities and Public Health Program at the Center for a Livable Future. In addition to her graduate training in nutritional sciences and public health, Allison is also a Registered Dietitian --and important member of the Center's team. In her role as Program Officer, a central responsibility of Allison’s is to lead the Center’s technical assistance and science advisory efforts in support of the national Meatless Monday campaign. This role includes a range of work involving research, science translation and communication, education, and outreach activities.

Allison first joined the Center as a research assistant working on the Baltimore Food & Faith Project during her senior year at the Johns Hopkins University, where she majored in Public Health Studies. She continued working at the Center while pursuing her master’s degree in nutrition at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and is now excited to be back working full-time at the Center.

Her interest in health and nutrition began at an early age with her love of cooking and playing competitive sports (namely, volleyball); and it only grew stronger as she became an avid reader of food- and nutrition-related books, through which she learned about the relationship between diet and health, as well as the issues surrounding our current industrial food system. Combining these interests and undergraduate foundation in public health, Allison decided to continue graduate work in JHSPH’s unique coordinated master’s program in dietetics that offers training in both research-driven public health nutrition and hospital-based clinical nutrition. “I came out of the program with an appreciation for the clinical side of dietetics, but I knew I wanted to focus more on the broader public health issues related to nutrition and environmental sustainability,” she says.

Allison hopes to apply her joint training in public health and dietetics to help connect these two fields more intimately. According to Allison, “Most traditional dietetic internship programs focus so heavily on clinical nutrition without providing any training on broader issues related to our food system. It’s all connected, but most dietitians aren’t trained to think that way. Working at CLF is an exciting platform from which to help establish and strengthen these connections.”

Outside of work, Allison is a regular volunteer “veggie chopper” at the Baltimore Franciscan Center and works part-time for Watson Caterers. She loves cooking, checking out the Baltimore food scene, rooting on the Orioles and the Ravens, and staying active through running with her dog, doing yoga, and playing volleyball.




Allison Righter
Program Officer,
Food Communities & Public Health Program

“Food not only provides our bodies with essential nutrients, but it also connects us all to each other and to the natural environment. Every time we eat, we are given a opportunity to change the world.”

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