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Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center


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JHBC collaborates with research faculty and staff within the Johns Hopkins University, primarily from the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

These collaborations range from the conceptualization of study design and clarification of study hypotheses for grant submission to dissemination of study results. We offer several avenues for this collaboration depending on the researcher’s needs and interests. The Biostatistics arm of JHBC includes PhD and Masters level biostatisticians and administrative staff. As the practice arm of the Johns Hopkins Department of Biostatistics, we have access to the department’s faculty for additional expertise. We also coordinate with the Data Informatics arm of JHBC (DISC) to enlist their expertise in data capture and management for the best interests of each research study.

What We Offer

Study Design and Protocol Development

Why and When to Engage Biostatistics

Researchers consider many aspects in developing their study design and its conduct. Since the quality of the research derives from these aspects, it is important to engage biostatistical counsel in this process. JHBC biostatisticians can help a researcher review the design and implementation to ensure that the research questions can be answered as intended, to consider what limitations might result from resources or other study constraints, and to better stand up to critical review. 

To be effective, the best time to begin involving the biostatistician in the research study is in the process of study design. This allows for critical thinking and discussion between the researcher and consultant on the study protocol and on the endpoints to be measured in the study. We recognize that starting the discussion process this early is not always feasible, and our biostatisticians work with researchers at various stages of their studies, including identifying confounding factors and potential biases. However, involving a biostatistician too late in the study may not allow for important input to study design, data capture and analyses that could be made to meet the intended study goals.

Collaboration and Consulting Options

JHBC offers a range of options to provide biostatistical collaboration and consulting for JHU faculty and staff.

Collaboration and Consulting Expectations

Consultation and collaboration require a mutually agreed-upon understanding of, and respect for, the expectations that will guide this relationship. These expectations will be part of the initial discussions and may include the following categories.


Research collaboration is based on a set of mutually-shared values between the researcher and the biostatisticians, one of which is ethical statistical practice. We abide by the ethical principles and guidelines for statistical practice as described by the American Statistical Association.