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Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center

JHSPH Graduate Students

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JHBC FREE Friday walk-in clinics for JHSPH students

Who is eligible?

JHSPH graduate student on research for their thesis, dissertation or other individual research on which the student is the lead author.

MPH students are NOT eligible for capstone project assistance, since they have dedicated support for these projects and should access this help instead of the Friday clinic. For more information, check the announcement that comes from the MPH Program Office at the beginning of 3rd term.

What help is offered?
  • Study design considerations and sample size/power calculations
  • Organization of data for statistical analysis
  • Statistical analysis approaches
  • Assistance with implementing, interpreting, and communicating analyses in statistical software (STATA, SAS, R).
How should I prepare for the walk-in clinic?
  • Sort out any technical difficulties prior to the consultation by (1) familiarize yourself with Teams (2) be online and available by Teams and (3) be on the lookout for Teams messages or emails from the consultant. If you are not available when contacted, the biostatistical consultation opportunity will go to the next student in line.
  • Students should have a basic understanding of statistics. Consultations are not meant to substitute for necessary coursework.
  • Come prepared to facilitate the biostatistician’s understanding of your research project. This includes:
    • Description of the research hypotheses
    • Population to be sampled or included in existing source data
    • Outcomes measured and to be analyzed, questions of interest.
    • For sample size/power calculations, clinically significant effect sizes for the primary outcome based on literature or previous pilot studies, and desired levels of precision or power.
When to sign up?

The signup link is only active on the day of clinic, Fridays 9:30-11:30am. Space is limited and not guaranteed. Each student is served on a first-come, first-served basis. The link will be turned off once 6 students sign up.

Where to sign up?

Online sign-in form:

What if I am not contacted?

If you are not contacted, it means there are no more available spots. Try signing up on the following Friday.

When and how is clinic held?
  • The virtual walk-in clinics will be conducted via MS Teams from 10:30 to noon on Fridays.
  • Each student has an approximately 20-30 minute consultation time.
  • On the day of clinic, our consultants will send you a MS Team note to confirm availability and initiate a MS Teams call.
How to check for closings and cancelations?

Please check the link:

What help is NOT offered?
  • JHBC does not consult on coursework and MPH capstone projects due to other available resources for these needs.
  • JHBC Friday services do not replace statistical oversight by the student’s academic committee or research mentor.
  • Please do not contact the consultants outside the clinic time.