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Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center

External Organizations

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Since its inception in 1997, the Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center has worked with a variety of academic research centers, health research organizations, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies. These collaborations have covered a breadth of subject-matter areas, stages of research, and applied biostatistical methodologies.

What we Offer

Study Design and Protocol Development

Contracts and Billing Process

Work with an external research organization requires the preparation and approval of a contract outlining the tasks to be performed, timeframes for completion of tasks, associated deliverables, and estimated cost. The contract will be drafted after initial discussions with JHBC’s Executive Director and will be reviewed by JHSPH’s Purchasing office and the researcher requesting the services. Work will begin once all entities have approved the contract. Amendments to the tasks and associated costs included in the contract can be made as needed. Invoices for work performed will be submitted for payment monthly.

Timeframe Guidelines

Preparation and approval of a contract may take up to a month depending on the complexity of the tasks. The amount of time to complete the work requested will be negotiated in the contract. 

For more information about JHBC services or collaboration, submit inquiry.