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Following the policy of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center is committed to protecting the rights and welfare of individuals participating as subjects in research. In order to efficiently and effectively assist you with your project, we require information regarding IRB approval or exemption from one of the University's IRB committees (CHR, the JCCI, etc.). We are requesting IRB information on all research involving human subjects in which actual data sets are reviewed or analyzed. Requests from clients not affiliated with Hopkins will be reviewed by the Center Director on a case-by-case basis to determine research aspects and whether IRB approval is required. IRB information may be requested before the project can proceed to consultation. The information requested can consist of a copy of the official approval letter from the IRB committee, an email, fax, or departmental letter from the PI stating the approval date and committee name. 

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NOTE: Student clinic is occasionally unavailable.  Please check for notices on the door of E-3141.

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