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Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center

Director's Welcome

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Welcome to Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center (JHBC), the applied and practice arm of the nationally-leading Johns Hopkins Department of Biostatistics!

We are a team of biostatisticians and data managers/programmers with primary appointments in the School of Public Health and more than 20 years of wide-ranging experience supporting public health and biomedical research at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and external organizations. Over the years, these collaborations resulted in more than 450 publications, several of which are award-winning papers in their respective substantive areas, with a total of more than 15,000 citations.

One of our main goals is to bridge the gap between new and innovative methods, and access to high-quality data and biostatistics support. We achieve this by adhering to best practices, using an individualized approach to each project and fostering continuity in research by developing expertise in specific substantive areas. JHBC partners with the departmental faculty experts when working on projects that require the development and implementation of advanced and innovative methods.

We apply best practices while supporting all stages of biomedical and public health research, from study design, data base development and management, statistical analysis to scientific presentation. Our research portfolio includes the development of fully auditable and reproducible workflows from data capture to study deliverables with version control of software and data, automated analyses, interactive and customizable reports with dynamic tabulation and data visualization.

We recognize that researchers and organizations come to us with different needs and research backgrounds. Our well-coordinated team works with every researcher to develop the most effective approach that best fits the specific data and biostatistics needs to successfully address their research goals. While consulting, we expand our roles to teaching, mentoring, advising, and collaboration. We also offer flexibility in financial support, such as fee-for-service contracts, effort levels, and cores.

JHBC has collaborated within a wide variety of disciplines with numerous long-term relationships that have spanned many years and multiple projects. We see ourselves as intellectual partners in your research and, therefore, make it our priority to fully understand the substantive part of the projects. This exemplifies our commitment to quality research, which requires that we continue to hold ourselves to the highest possible standard in this regard.

We are looking forward to partnering with you to enhance your next grant submission and/or research study manuscript published in a well-regarded biomedical journal!

Director's Signature

Gayane Yenokyan, MD, MPH, PhD
Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center
Associate Scientist, Department of Biostatistics