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Johns Hopkins Asia Pacific Center For Hospital Management and Leadership Research

Hospital Management

hospital management

Hospitals are complex systems that need top-notch management to run efficiently.

Effective hospital management allows the hospital to maintain efficient and orderly operation, handle issues, optimize medical resources, maintain high-level participation of medical professionals and staff, maximize health value and provide better health care and related services.

Many hospital physicians and nurses are trapped in tedious matters and waste their time on non-value-added services due to non-professional management. As we know, the hospital is a very complicated place where the flow of people, logistics, and information is very dense. At the same time, it is the most demanding place for safety and quality. That’s why professional hospital management is so important, not only for the patients but also for medical staff and the healthcare system as a whole.

Hospital management is a field related to leadership, management, strategic planning, human resource management, marketing, IT, and so on. Its practical and applied nature demands that it be continually revised and updated due to changes in health policy, healthcare system, and technologies.

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We appreciate innovative and evidence-based solutions, so we’re always looking for ideas with the vision and practicality to improve health quality in developing countries. If you are interested in hospital management, please send your project brief to us.

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