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Johns Hopkins Asia Pacific Center For Hospital Management and Leadership Research

About Us

Through our strategic initiatives and designated partners, we work toward eliminating health and healthcare disparities around the world.

The Johns Hopkins Asia-Pacific Center for Hospital Management and Leadership Research is set up within Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of Health Policy and Management. We strive to improve the health quality and well-being of people in developing countries through promoting economically and culturally suitable healthcare models. We provide resources to facilitate international academic exchanges to enhance clinical skills and professional knowledge of the underserved areas, especially for the Asia-Pacific region.


The mission of the Asia-Pacific Center includes: 

Major Tasks

Major tasks of the Asia Pacific Center for 2018-2022 include: 


Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. We enjoy our work, and all have a passion for eliminating health disparities around the world.

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Sponsoring Foundations

Our sponsors are critical contributors to the initiation and sustainable development of the Center through funding and active participation in Center activities.

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China Partner

Our official partner in China is Fudan University, Department of Hospital Management. 

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Join The Team

Join us to achieve goals, to make the world healthier.

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