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World Pneumonia Day

To learn more about World Pneumonia Day (WPD), its achievements over the past five years, and IVAC's contributions, view the short Prezi below:



Pneumonia claimed the lives of over 900,000 million young children in 2013, yet the reality is most people are simply unaware of the immense toll pneumonia takes on the world’s children. To combat this lack of understanding, the Global Coalition against Child Pneumonia (GCACP) was formed and the first


World Pneumonia Day was launched in November 2009 to bring the crisis to the forefront and to rally and mobilize concerned citizens, child health advocates, donors, and policymakers around the world to take action against pneumonia. Thousands of advocates — representing more than 140 organizations in over 40 countries — have joined the GCACP to fight this disease. IVAC is a proud member of the Coalition and helps to coordinate the activities of World Pneumonia Day, which is observed each year on November 12.

With each year, the momentum behind World Pneumonia Day continues to grow as proponents of child health lend their voices to this important cause. Each year, advocates participate in a wide range of activities including media campaigns, press conferences, scientific meetings, meetings with healthcare providers, briefings with government leaders, public rallies, community outreach campaigns, and other innovative activities that drew attention to childhood pneumonia.

Pneumonia Progress Report

This 2016 Pneumonia and Diarrhea Progress Report: Reaching Goals Through Action and Innovation evaluates the annual progress implementing high impact interventions outlined in the GAPPD, among the 15 countries with the greatest number of under-5 pneumonia and diarrhea deaths. 2015 marked the end of the MDGs, prompting us to examine the substantial progress made in implementing GAPPD interventions since the year 2000. The analysis highlights the need to accelerate uptake of select interventions in order for countries to reach both the 2025 GAPPD goals and the 2030 SDGs. Innovations in pneumonia and diarrhea disease management that may accelerate the pace of progress are discussed. 

Past Progress Reports:

​The Pneumonia Newsletter: A Resource for Child Health Champions

The Pneumonia Newsletter connects pneumonia advocates around the world, to better communicate how investment in the control of pneumonia is a powerful tool for progress in child health.

Small Grants Advocacy Program

IVAC, with support from several partners including the GAVI Alliance, the Best Shot Foundation and the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, administered the Small Grants program from 2009 to 2012, supporting pneumonia advocacy efforts of developing country advocates and organizations. The return on investment of the small grants program has been significant. Providing training and a small amount of financial support to these dedicated advocates and professionals allows them to continue and expand upon work they have undertaken on behalf of child health issues over the years or gain the necessary skills to launch a locally relevant and tailored pneumonia advocacy campaign. There are several examples of grantees continuing WPD advocacy activities unaided after a first successful small grant "seed".

Pneumonia Coloring Book

World Pneumonia Day coloring BookTo commemorate World Pneumonia Day, students at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and IVAC co-sponsored a contest for students to design an educational coloring book about pneumonia. A sister and brother team, Jessica and David Alderman, produced the winning entry and worked with IVAC and a team of child health experts to create a coloring book with a story that simply and clearly shows how to prevent and treat pneumonia. In 2012, the book was made available in the Swahili language. Download the book for free at