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Dengue Cost of Illness (DenCOI) Guidelines Workshop

In response to the growing need to answer the question of cost in order to weigh the benefits of future introduction of vaccines against dengue, IVAC, as part of the Dengue Vaccine Initiative and in partnership with Pan-American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF)convened a group of experts in March 2012 to discuss and develop a standardized methodology for estimating costs of dengue in the Americas.

The resulting guidelines aim to ensure robust assessment of the economic burden of dengue infections and to make the results of future dengue cost studies more comparable among Latin-American countries. To date, only a handful of economic studies have been done in the region, and there is great variation even amongt these due to differences at every level of evaluation. The guidelines provide an overview of the state of the field of determining the overall economic burden borne by the community as a result of dengue (costing dengue), as well as a discussion of the methods used in costing dengue.

There are many considerations that need to be taken in to account when doing such analysis, from understanding the health care system where the study is being conducted to determining the definition of a dengue outbreak. The expert panel concluded that, while there is no single theoretically correct approach to developing guidelines for costing dengue, experts generally adhered to certain principles including:

  • Adoption of a societal perspective
  • Inclusion of all relevant costs and effects
  • Use of an adequate sample size
  • Optimal collection and valuation of unit cost data for use in multi-country settings

Read the full guidelines here.