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Photo Credits

Credit: © 2005 Michael Bisceglie/Save the Children
Caption: Save the Children staff member Dr. Tran Thi Lan  holding 16 day-old baby Ho Thi Tham. Dr Lan was making a home visit

Credit: © 2007 Michael Bisceglie/Save the Children
Caption: New Mother Laxmi  is given help with her 6 day-old baby on low birth weight feeding, the baby is being given its mother's expressed breast milk. Feeding the newborn is Prembati Rana, a Female Community Health Volunteer. Laxmi benefits from Save the Children's ACCESS program.

Credit: © 2004  Soe Kyaw, Courtesy of Photoshare
Caption:  A nurses gives a safe delivery at rural health center in Myanmar.

Credit: © 2003 Michael Bisceglie/Save the Children
Caption: 24 year-old father, Nguyen Van holds his 24 day-old baby Nguyen. His wife, Nguyen Thi Mai looks on. They are participating in the Kangaroo Mother Care Program at Uong Bi Hospital

Credit: © 2005 Save the Children
Caption: The baby in the picture is named Sharna, age 9 days, the photo was taken in Dhaka division for formative research. The mother is 15 years old, it is her first child

Credit: © 2004 Ziad Turkey, Courtesy of Photoshare
Caption:  A woman lives with her husband in the debris of the Iraqi government's buildings. The chaos of the war was a reason for this place to be vacant to deliver her baby in, and she is wondering how she will provide a suitable life for her child.

Credit: © 2003 Michael Bisceglie/Save the Children
Caption: 27 year-old mother Nguyen Thi Nhan with her 2 day-old baby boy, Le Quang Ty. They are at the Trieu Hai Hospital in Quang Tri

Credit: © 2003 Kelli M. Donley, Courtesy of Photoshare
Caption:  One of the youngest children at an orphanage in Beira, Mozambique creatively makes do without a pacifier. Many of the 40 children at the facility have AIDS.

Credit: © 2006 Patricia Mancao, Courtesy of Photoshare
Caption:  This piece of cloth is used to cradle 1month old child of a 17 year old girl, Amada.  The baby and his parents live in a one 6x6ft bamboo cottage. The father is a fisherman while Amada stays home to care for the kids. This is typical family life in the provinces of the Philippines.

Credit: © 1990 Media for Development International, Courtesy of Photoshare
Caption:  Suna holds his infant, both infected with HIV, in "It's Not Easy," a film set in Uganda about HIV/AIDS.

Credit: © 2006 NCI Communications/Save the Children
Caption: A mother with her pre-term baby at a kangaroo care center supported by Save the Children at Bwaila Hospital in Lilongwe

Credit: © 2007 Karamcheti Swathi/Samarthan, Courtesy of Photoshare
Caption:  A young mother holds an infant in India.

Credit: © 2007 Rajal Thaker, Courtesy of Photoshare
Caption:  A mother holds her newborn in the family planning ward at Sheth V S General Hospital, Ahmedabad, India.


"Mitigating mortality," in International Innovation, features the Center's Projahnmo's maternal infection screening and treatment (MIST) project in Bangladesh. 

Special Symposium on Maternal & Newborn Health
Honoring Alumni
Dr. Abhay Bang and
Dr. Rani Bang

With Speakers
Dr. David Oot, Save the Children
Dr. Harshad Shangvi, Jhpiego

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