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Institute for International Programs

Research Topics

IIP brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers working at country, regional and global level to strengthen the evidence base for women’s and children’s health and nutrition.  We focus on translational research in low- and middle-income countries, working collaboratively and striving to build lasting institutional capacity at country level.

Implementation Research

IIP designs, conducts and disseminates research that addresses the challenges of achieving high and equitable coverage for proven interventions in reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition in low- and middle-income countries.  We respond to immediate questions facing policy and program decision makers and building country capacity to deliver strong and effective programs.  

Program Evaluation

IIP leads and supports rigorous formative and summative evaluations, with particular attention to programs implemented at scale by the public sector and global initiatives that support program implementation across multiple countries.  We are expanding capacity in this area through academic teaching and both formal training and informal mentoring and coaching.  Our experience extends over a decade, and includes evaluations of major initiatives promoted by UNICEF, WHO and bilateral aid agencies. 

Using Evidence

IIP provides technical support and leadership for improved estimates of morbidity, mortality, causes of death and coverage, and the synthesis and interpretation of evidence to support decision making.  We serve as the home for the Coverage Technical Working Group of the Countdown to 2015, and have research projects addressing the effective visualization and communication of quantitative results. IIP researchers publish their work in high-impact journals, seeking to effect rapid improvement in the practice of public health.