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Institute for International Programs

Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health, Family Planning and Nutrition Programs

Best practices, capacity-building and leadership for Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health, Family Planning and Nutrition Programs (Bangladesh)

This activity is a result of an expressed need from the Bangladesh Mission for specific activities.  The activity falls into three main program components: 1) documentation and dissemination of best practices, 2) capacity building of national institutions to provide strategic leadership training, 3) provide support for Improved Functioning of the Project Management and Monitoring Unit (PMMU), MOHFW, Bangladesh.  In February 2014, the following two workshops were held:

Strategic Leadership and Management Training Program for District Managers in Health and Family Planning (SLMTP) - the goal of this course was to motivate managers to lead with enthusiasm and to become proactive, ready to make small changes within their existing constraints, to the best of their abilities and to the betterment of their districts.  Topics that were discussed, and which are being addressed in the SLMTP curriculum, include:

Documenting Best Practices in Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health, Family Planning and Nutrition – the aim of to share “lessons learned” through the profiling of best practices, which will help development partners, government, professional bodies and NGOs to better understand how these practices are implanted, which could potentially lead to their scale-up across the country.  The participants discussed a wide variety of innovations in service delivery, such as reaching underserved communities and the use of community health workers and informal service providers, and prioritized a set of topics and specific best practices for further investigation and profiling.

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