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Outstanding HPM Faculty: Carey Borkoski - MPP Director & Assistant Lecturer
Outstanding HPM Staff: Felicia Roane - MPP Academic Program Coordinator
Outstanding TA: Cassie Boles & Keara Castaldo - MPP Students
Outstanding Student Service: Agnes Balla - MPP Student

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It's easier to get a prescription for drugs that cause opioid addiction than those proven to treat it
Part of a series, this piece looks at treatment options for opioid addiction. Use is up, but the number of people who receive treatment is steady.
Brendan Saloner is quoted; JHSPH research is mentioned. Yahoo! News.
Medicaid premium hikes may leave many children uninsured
Premium increases for Medicaid, the government health program for the poor, may leave many U.S. children uninsured, a new review suggests.
Brendan Saloner, study author, is quoted. Reuters.
Treatment Rate Remains Low for Opioid Use Disorders
Despite an upward trend seen in a new study, relatively few people who need treatment for opioid use disorders are getting it, according to the data. In the United States, the percentage of individuals with opioid use disorders who received treatment increased from 16.6% (2004-2008) to 21.5% (2009-2013), yet experts say the rates remain low.
Story about research done by Brendan Saloner. Pain Medicine News.
Our heroin, opioid epidemic is a national emergency, Washington needs to treat like like one
New England is in the grip of an uncontrolled epidemic of opioid and heroin abuse, which has spread to our small towns and rural areas. As one addiction specialist put it: "It's easier to get heroin in some of these places than it is to get a UPS delivery." But this is also a nationwide crisis, and it requires an urgent federal response. In Congress we are advancing an emergency funding bill that would provide an additional $600 million to mobilize major new resources for prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery.
Brendan Saloner is quoted. Fox News.
As New Hampshire Wrestels With Opioid Addiction, Candidates Have Few Answers
Presidential candidates are discussing addiction regularly these days - opioid addiction, specifically. For all their empathy, the 2016 candidates have offered few substantive solutions.
Brendan Saloner is quoted. Newsweek.
Op-Ed: A 21st century Baltimore
In this opinion piece, visiting scholar Timothy Armbruster offers thoughts on what Baltimore's next mayor can do to defining the city's next chapter, including engaging in broad and aggressive outreach to every sector of the community.
The Baltimore Sun