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Institute for Health and Social Policy

Student Opportunities 

Students may apply for Research Assistant positions and other training opportunities within the Institute. Current opportunities, with contact information, are below. 

Systematic Review on Food Environment and Change in BMI

Research Aim: The aim of this research is to synthesize the literature on the association between the retail food environment and weight or adiposity change.

Scope of Work: The research assistant will screen titles, abstracts, and full text articles for inclusion/exclusion using Covidence (approximately 6,000 articles). The position is unpaid but will offer co-authorship to interested candidates.

Timeline: November-December 2021 (6-8 weeks)

Anticipated Hours: Approximately 50 hours (flexible schedule and work can be completed remotely).

Contact Information:
Sasha Clynes
845 480 4512

Evaluating a Health Restaurant Kids' Meal Policy

Background: We are seeking three Spanish/English bilingual research assistants to work with Alyssa Moran in the Department of Health Policy and Management and Susan Oh in the Research Nutrition Program on an NIH/NICHD-funded nutrition policy evaluation.

Scope of Work: Obtain and document consent from study participants, conduct telephone dietary interviews with parents and their children, and enter dietary data into a nutrition database. This position can be done remotely. Selected candidates must be available to work some evenings and/or weekends.

Timeline: January 2022-June 2022

Anticipated Hours: Flexible, 5-10 hours/week

Contact Information: 
Susan Oh

Carolyn Bresnahan

Online Kids' Menu Assessment

Background: We are seeking 3-4 research assistants to work with Alyssa Moran and Ms. Carolyn Bresnahan in the Department of Health Policy Management on an implementation study of healthy kids’ beverage policies in U.S. restaurants.

Scope of work: Research assistants will collect data from online restaurant menus and delivery apps to assess implementation of healthy kids’ beverage policies across ten jurisdictions. RAs will meet weekly with the study coordinator and will have the opportunity to contribute to academic manuscripts, if interested. This position can be done remotely.

Timeline: October-December 2021

Anticipated hours: 10-15 hours/week

Contact Information:
Carolyn Bresnahan

Growing Food Policy from the Ground Up

Background: We are seeing a graduate student to assist with a participatory action research study that investigates the role of social networks and social capital in urban food systems. Working with partners in Buffalo, New York and Minneapolis, Minnesota – cities with strong community-led urban agriculture organizations – the research team will work with urban growers, particularly growers of color, to develop cooperative strategies that engage with local government.

Scope of work: The research assistant will assist with all aspects of the study, including project management/coordination, data collection, data entry, and data cleaning. The research assistant will also collaborate with external research, policy, and community partners on project deliverables. 

Timeline: September 2021-May 2022

Anticipated hours: 10-19 hours/week

Contact Information:
Yeeli Mui