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Institute for Health and Social Policy

About Us

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In addition to its leading-edge policy research portfolio, IHSP is widely acknowledged for the quality and rigour of its multi-disciplinary Master in Public Policy (MPP) program. The MPP program has trained some of the most influential policy analysts in the nation. In recent years, the MPP has reached out to a global audience of young policy leaders, attracted by the unique combination of analytics and concrete policy experience.

IHSP has deep roots in the Hopkins community. It was established in 1962 as the Center for Metropolitan Planning, renowned for its strong commitment to knowledge exchange between academic researchers and decision-makers. That commitment continues to define IHSP's organizational culture.

In 2012, IHSP was integrated into the Department of Health Policy and Management. Its former director, Dr. PG Forest, Ph.D., FCAHS, was appointed in 2013 following a distinguished career in research, policy and public service.

Effective March 1, 2016, Dr. Keshia Pollack, Ph.D., was appointed as the new Director of IHSP. Dr. Pollack has dedicated much of her work to the application of health impact assessment to advance social and public policies that create safe and healthy environments where people, particularly the most vulnerable, live, work, play, and travel. Her work speaks to the heart of what IHSP is all about.

Our Mission

The Johns Hopkins Institute for Health and Social Policy explores the interaction between health and other areas of social policy to expand the understanding of human health and well-being and to generate evidence and insights that inform and influence decision-making.

The Institute provides a dynamic environment that encourages dialogue, learning and innovation amongst academic experts from a wide range of disciplines, practitioners, and decision-makers interested in research and its applications to health and social policy.

The Institute houses an internationally acclaimed Master in Public Policy (MPP) program, reputed for training students with outstanding analytic skills and the creativity to find politically feasible, socially desirable, and economically sustainable solutions to policy challenges.

To achieve its goals, the Institute develops partnerships with multiple groups and organizations, from within its surrounding community and throughout the global scene, leveraging the stature and resources of the Bloomberg School of Public Health, one of the world’s top research institutions.