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FEBRUARY 25, 2021: Washington Post Live

COVID-19 has exposed the lack of investment in the nation’s public health infrastructure—from chronic underfunding to long-standing inequities. The pandemic also highlighted the critical role private businesses play in filling gaps that our systems struggle to address.

Join Ron Goetzel and other leaders in business and health in a Washington Post Live conversation about how private companies can rise to the many health challenges of the day. Register for the program here.

FEBRUARY 23, 2021 Press Release: Top Business and Public Health Leaders Release Roadmap to Healthier Communities and Long-Term Economic Well-being

How can business and public health leaders work together to end the COVID-19 pandemic, prepare for future crises, and meet the ongoing needs of communities? A new report offers seven strategic recommendations for successful partnerships.

The devastating toll of the COVID-19 pandemic has crystallized the inextricable link between America’s public health and economic well-being. Without healthy and safe places to live, work, and play, there is no pathway to economic or social prosperity. “Seven Ways Business Can Align with Public Health for Bold Action and Innovation,” a new report made possible by Johns Hopkins University and the de Beaumont Foundation, presents seven strategies that businesses can take to strengthen partnerships and improve the health of their employees, communities, and the nation.

AcademyHealth Study Snapshot: Employer Investments in Internal Culture of Health Improve Stock Performance

This Study Snapshot outlines IHPS research (funded by RWJF) on the link between internal & external cultures of health, company performance, & employee health.

Press Release: Three Companies Recognized with C. Everett Koop National Health Award Honorable Mentions for their Efforts to Improve Employee Health and Achieve Business Results

Congratulations to Kaiser Permanente, LG&E and KU Energy, and MaineGeneral Health on being recognized as Honorable Mentions in the 2018 C. Everett Koop National Health Award.

Press Release: Five Experts Join The Health Project Board of Directors

The Health Project, which annually confers the prestigious C. Everett Koop National Health Awards, welcomed five new members to its Board of Directors.

Article: What have companies done to improve our quality of life?

Ron Goetzel was invited by the Brazilian Association of Quality of Life to participate in a national congress on the theme and the Scientific Meeting of the Coalition Health Institute.

What's Cooking with FoodLab Participants

IHPS mentioned in Google's FoodLab Magazine

Press Release: 'Call to Action' on Mental Health and Well-Being in the Workplace 

Highlights our recently published work on a public health summit hosted by the Luv u Project. The report offers "a scientific and humanistic rationale for better addressing the often-neglected topic of mental health in the workplace."

CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard: Pilot Test Opportunity

JHU is working with the CDC to update their Worksite Health ScoreCard, and is looking for organizations interested in participating in a pilot test of the new tool. Participants will receive a comprehensive benchmarking report at the end of the study. If you or a colleague may be interested, please click here for more information.

2018 C. Everett Koop National Health Awards Application

The C. Everett Koop Award application for 2018 is now available.

Parade Magazine: Wellness at Work: The New Healthy Epidemic 

This article features Dr. Ron Goetzel's research and addresses why business is now onboard with workplace wellness programs. Also featured is the C. Everett Koop National Health Award, which recognizes outstanding worksite health promotion and improvement programs, and examples from award winning companies are included.

Video Interview with Dr. Murthy

Dr. Ron Goetzel interviews Dr. Vivek Murthy, former Surgeon General of the United States. This video was viewed during the Koop Awards Ceremony at the 2017 HERO Forum.

Press Release: Three Companies Receive Honorable Mention from the C. Everett Koop National Health Award for their Efforts to Improve Employee Health and Achieve Business Results

The Health Project announced three companies were selected by a panel of judges for Honorable Mention recognition in 2017. The winners were presented with their awards at the 2017 Annual HERO Forum in Phoenix, AZ held September 12 – September 14, 2017.

The National (Abu Dhabi): What companies can do to make the workplace healthy

While having occupational health standards is a well-established practice in many organisations in United Arab Emirates, the concept of corporate wellness has only recently caught on. Our Employer Guide (in collaboration with TCHS) is mentioned.

ChangeLab's Walk This Way Guide Has Been Released

ChangeLab has released its Walk This Way resource, which outlines state and local policies that support physical activity and wellness in and around the workplace. IHPS provided subject matter expertise to ChangeLab Solutions in support of its CDC funded project on developing a guide focused on increasing physical activity in the government worksite setting.

The National: Well being: Employees can find their own way to healthiness

A study published this year by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Truven Health Analytics and the American Heart Association showed that employers with wellness policies had fewer workers with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tobacco use and physical inactivity.

Press Release: Surveys Provide Employers' and Employees' Views on Wellness Programs

Press release on our recently published research in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Most US employers offer workplace health promotion (WHP) programs, but many employees aren't aware of these programs. Dr. Goetzel explains the discrepancy "highlights the need to improve strategic communications campaigns" promoting specific WHP programs and the "culture of health" behind them.

Fortune Magazine: Corporate Wellness Programs: Healthy or Hokey?

Dr. Goetzel weighs in on the debate.

New Grants to Engage Businesses for Health

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) recently awarded eight research studies to build the evidence base for how private-sector investment can help build a Culture of Health—promoting greater well-being and health equity for all. These grants were awarded as a part of the Engaging Businesses for Health project, an RWJF initiative managed by AcademyHealth. IHPS, in partnership with IBM Watson Health, was the recipient of one of these grants The Multiple Benefits of a Workplace Wellness Program

Dr. Goetzel contributed to this article that contains tips on workplace wellness programs and links to several useful online tools. 

Health Affairs Blog: Building A Culture Of Workplace Health: More Complicated Than Offering Workers Money To Be Healthy

The team responds to an article published in the Health Affairs November theme issue on the Culture of Health.

The Tennessean: Chamber: Wellness programs carry value for employees, bottom line

Dr. Goetzel spoke about the value of wellness programs during the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce's annual meeting.

The Health Project Announces the 2016 C. Everett Koop Award Winners

The Health Project announced the 2016 C. Everett Koop Award Winners. The winners were presented with their awards at the 2016 Annual HERO Forum in Atlanta, GA held September 27 – September 29, 2016.

Health Affairs: How Can The Government Improve Prevention Programs In The Workplace?

Dr. Goetzel offers some easy-to-adopt and generally low-cost strategies for delivering wellness programs to public and private sector employees.

Washington Post: With Meditation and Massage, Shared Workspaces Get into the Wellness Game

Dr. Goetzel is quoted on the changing definition of modern workspaces.

Baltimore Sun: Baltimore-Area Schools Encourage Teachers to Hit the Gym with Onsite Wellness Programs

Dr. Goetzel is quoted on the more recent appearance of wellness programs in schools and other public sector entities

Harvard Business Review: How to Design a Corporate Wellness Plan That Actually Works

Dr. Goetzel and Hector De La Torre discuss lessons learned from their recent report, From Evidence to Practice: Workplace Wellness that Works.

Blog Talk Radio PopHealth Week

Dr. Goetzel discusses workplace health promotion in an interview for the PopHealth Week series. 

Reuters: Money Stress is a Productivity Killer at Work

Dr. Goetzel and colleagues' recent article on the stock performance of Koop Award winners is mentioned in a new Reuters article on financial stress. 

Best Practices for Workplace Wellness Programs: Culture of Health and Strategic Communications

Dr. Goetzel and colleagues published a new paper on their updated review of best practices for promoting healthy workplaces. Read the press release and article.

To Beat the Stock Market, Try Investing in Companies that Invest in Workers' Health

Read a recently published article by Dr. Ron Goetzel and colleagues: The Stock Performance of C. Everett Koop Award Winners Compared with the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.

Huffington Post Business: A Healthy Perspective

The Huffington Post features the workplace wellness guide, From Evidence to Practice: Workplace Wellness that Works, released by Transamerica Center for Health Studies (TCHS) and Institute for Health and Productivity Studies (IHPS).

The Business Case for Health: Interview with Ron Goetzel, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Ron Goetzel talks about promoting health in the workplace with Leigh Stringer, author of The Healthy Workplace book.

Small Business: Sick Workers On the Job Can be Costly

Posted on Newsday, Dr. Ron Goetzel discusses the costs of and solutions to presenteeism.

Workplace Wellness: Promoting a Culture That Benefits Companies and Employees

Dr. Goetzel was interviewed by Directions in Pharmacy on how companies are aiding wellness efforts in the workplace, the impact of the wellness movement, and the economic rationale for moving wellness into the mainstream.

New Workplace Wellness Guide from Transamerica Center for Health Studies and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

The national nonprofit Transamerica Center for Health Studies (TCHS) partnered with the Institute for Health and Productivity Studies (IHPS) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to release From Evidence to Practice: Workplace Wellness that Works, an evidence-based, straightforward workplace health promotion guide for employers.

Employee Health Management Programs - Do they work?

In the November 2014 issue of HERO on Health Newsletter, Dr. Ron Goetzel addresses the question, “Do workplace health promotion programs work?”

Debunking the myths about workplace wellness

Posted on Employee Benefit News' Employee Benefit Views Blog, Ron Goetzel discusses four myths about workplace wellness

Do workplace health promotion (wellness) programs work?

Published September 2014: Do Workplace Health Promotion (Wellness) Programs Work? Dr. Goetzel and his co-authors reviewed the available research evidence on the effectiveness of workplace health promotion programs to address the question about whether they work or not.

Truven Health Analytics and JHSPH launch IHPS

Truven Health Analytics and JHSPH launched the Institute for Health and Productivity Studies.


Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference: April 20-24, 2020

Join Dr. Goetzel at the Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference, where he will offer an intensive training seminar on "Evaluating Workplace Health Promotion Programs."

Good Health is Good Business: June 28, 2019

Event/webcast in Washington, DC. Please join IHPS, Bipartisan Policy Center, and the de Beaumont Foundation for the release of a new report on the value of building partnerships between businesses and local public health departments.

Ignite Wellness Summit: June 26-27, 2019

This event brings together the business community, nonprofit partners, and government representatives to advance progress, partnerships, and the economy through health. Dr. Goetzel will be a panelist for "Getting on Board: Business Involvement in Community Health." 

Workplace Mental Wellness Conference: April 6, 2019

At Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center in Plainsboro, NJ.

29th Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference: April 1-5, 2019

Dr. Goetzel will be offering a 2-day intensive session.

The Global Workplace Wellness Summit: Nov 7-8, 2018, San Mateo, CA

Join Dr. Roemer for her panel discussion and breakout session on the benefits and “how-to’s” of measuring and evaluating your wellness initiatives.

Improving Mental Health and Well Being Makes $en$e for States (Webcast): October 5, 2017 | 1:00-2:30pm EST

The forum will be a discussion among some of the key thought leaders on the state of mental health both on the federal level and in the states and care models, policy changes and opportunities as well as resources available for advocates working for change.

CDC's "New Frontiers in Workplace Health" Grand Rounds Presentation

View the recording featuring Casey Chosewood, Laura Linnan, Jason Lang, and our own Ron Goetzel. The CDC Workplace Health Resource Center (WHRC) was also unveiled, which is a one-stop shop that gives employers resources to create a healthy work environment. 

2nd Annual National Employee Well-being Conference and Exhibition: July 25 - 26, 2017  | Alexandria, VA

Hosted by World Congress, Dr. Enid Chung Roemer served as the conference chairperson and was joined by fellow panelists to discuss “Stakeholders View on Building a Well-being Ecosystem." Learn more here.

2017 Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference: March 27 - 28, 2017  |  Colorado Springs, CO

Dr. Ron Goetzel conducted a 2-day intensive training seminar: What is the Latest Research in Workplace Health Promotion (Wellness)? Learn more here

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Innovations in Workplace and Community Wellness: A New Era, April 6, 2017  |  Washington, DC

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the American College of Preventative Medicine and Pfizer, hosted its annual workplace wellness forum to commemorate National Workplace Wellness Week. The event highlighted trends in workplace and community wellness initiatives emphasizing strategies to influence behavior change, promoting mindfulness at work, and improving health through genetics. The forum also addressed the link between health and performance. Dr. Ron Goetzel moderated the panel on "Stepping Up the Ladder: Pathways to Integrated Health." More information can be found here.

Health Affairs Issue Briefing: The Work/Health Relationship, February 7, 2017  |  Washington, DC

Dr. Ron Goetzel was joined by several industry experts on the panel, "Work, Wellness & Health," where he discussed his recently published paper, "Workplace Programs, Policies, and Environmental Supports to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease" in Health Affairs. Video and slides from the event can be viewed here.

Bipartisan Policy Center Webcast: Exploring the Role of the Business Community in Improving Health, December 9, 2016

Dr. Ron Goetzel was featured in a discussion with business leaders and experts that explored employer strategies to promote physical activity within their organizations and communities. Key findings from a physical activity challenge conducted by BPC’s CEO Council on Health and Innovation were revealed. The video recording of the session can be viewed here.

Maryland State Council on Cancer Control Annual Cancer Conference, November 15, 2016

Dr. Goetzel presented as part of a panel, "Cancer Prevention that Works," which provided an overview of evidence-based cancer primary prevention strategies that can be implemented in a variety of settings, including the workplace. Learn more about the Council here.

Mental Health in the Workplace: A Public Health Summit, October 20, 2016

October 20, 2016 at the Johns Hopkins University East Baltimore Campus in Feinstone Hall, from 1-5pm. Reception to follow. Registration and more details available here.

2016 HERO Forum for Employee Health Management Solutions and the C. Everett Koop Awards: Atlanta, September 27 - 29, 2016

The HERO Forum on Leading in Well-being: Workplaces Influencing the Health of Employees, Families, and Communities was held from September 27 -29, 2016 at the Loews Atlanta Hotel. Winners and Honorable Mentions of the C. Everett Koop Awards 2016 were awarded.

Partnerships for Global Health and Safety: Exploring Shared Value and Beyond - A Workshop: Washington, D.C., December 3-4, 2015

On December 3rd, 2015, Dr. Ron Goetzel spoke on common themes underpinning successful workplace health programs at a public workshop on Partnerships for Global Health and Safety: Exploring Shared Value and Beyond, an activity of the Institute of Medicine’s Forum on Public-Private Partnerships for Global Health and Safety. 

Click here for more information about the workshop

Click here to watch the lecture

What Makes for a Healthy Workplace? HPLive Webinar with Dr. Ron Goetzel: June 12, 2015 12:00 pm- 1:00 pm EDT

On Friday June 12 12:00pm - 1:00 pm EDT, Dr. Ron Goetzel presented at a webinar held by Health Promotion LIVE to talk about Promoting Healthy Workplaces, a two year research project conducted by the Institute for Health and Productivity Studies (IHPS) at Johns Hopkins University, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Click here to watch the recording

Innovations in Workplace and Community Wellness: Bridging Personal and Population Health, US Chamber's headquarters | Washington D.C. : April 7, 2015

On April 7, 2015, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce hosted an event, Innovations in Workplace and Community Wellness: Bridging Personal and Population Health from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at the U.S. Chamber's headquarters (1615 H. ST NW) in Washington D.C. sponsored by the American College of Preventive MedicinePfizer, and Preventure.

Click here to watch the full event

Click here for more information about the event

How Can We Measure the Value of Wellness Investment? – A Skype Interview with Ron Goetzel: March 30, 2015

Dr. Ron Goetzel discussed how to measure the value of wellness investment in a Skype Interview for the WELCOA National Training Summit at the 25th Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference. Watch the interview here.

CDC’s Workplace Health Research Network launched at UNC: February 9, 2015

Representing Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Ron Goetzel and Dr. Enid Chung Roemer serve as collaborating members of the network to conduct research focused on the work environment and the health and productivity of US workers.

Click here for more information about the launch on ASPPH's website

Click here for more information about the launch on UNC's website

CEOTalks at Next Jump: January 22, 2015

Watch Dr. Ron Goetzel’s lecture on “Workplace Health Promotion Programs – Do They Work? What’s the Latest Research?” presented at Next Jump. See also Bob Chapman’s talk about his company’s most important mission: building great people through its commitment to people-centric leadership.

Obesity Prevention and Control in Worksite Settings: January 21, 2015

George Washington University's (GW) Office of the Vice President of Research and ICF International co-hosted an expert panel discussion on obesity prevention and control in worksites. One of six panelists, Dr. Ron Goetzel presented on the following topic: How evidence-based worksite practices are translated into programs, and barriers, outcomes, and return on investment (ROI)

Click here to watch the full event

Click here for the slide presentation