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Institute for Health and Productivity Studies

Date: Jul 2015

Designing Incentives for Wellness

When it comes to health promotion programs, it’s wise to avoid the “build it and they will come” strategy. A wealth of research tells us that people need motivation to adopt healthier behaviors and, especially in the early stages, they respond well to tangible incentives, such as prizes or discounts on insurance premiums. Incentives can jump-start participation in programs and can encourage workers to complete health risk assessments (HRAs), quit smoking, exercise more, or lose weight. At CitiBank, for example, employees receive a $150 cash incentive for filling out a yearly HRA; last year, some 85% of the company’s US employees completed the survey....Read More

Turck Industries: Where Wellness is “The Right Thing to Do”

An uncomfortable silence settles around the conference table when Turck Industries’ management team is asked what would happen to the company’s popular wellness program if CEO Dave Lagerstrom were suddenly to leave. After several minutes pass, Lagerstrom finally answers the question himself, “There’d be a mutiny if they tried to take it away.”...Read More